Griff the Invisible

Release August 19, 2011 (Limited)
Cast Ryan Kwanten, Maeve Dermody, Heather Mitchell, Toby Schmitz, Marshall Napier
Director Leon Ford
Writer Leon Ford
Genres Comedy, Drama, Romance
Studio Indomina Releasing/Green Park Pictures
Length 93 mins.


For all his boyish good looks, Griff (Ryan Kwanten) is an awkward and fumbling guy who can never seem to shift into the right social gear. It makes him an easy target at the office, where bully Tony (Toby Schmitz) never tires of making him the butt of every practical joke, to the unflagging pleasure of the young women on staff. Fortunately, Griff's alternate identity as lifesaver on Melbourne's mean streets keeps him occupied on his downtime. But the more he lives as a magnanimous superhero, the less he is able to enjoy any of the comforts and intimacies of ordinary life.

Everything starts to change when Griff meets his match in the form of fellow weirdo, Melody (Maeve Dermody). A beautiful young scientist with a proclivity for bumping into furniture and spilling everything she carries, Melody and Griff forge a deep and touching bond. But their relationship is threatened by the demands of a conventional world that refuses to understand or accept their eccentricities. In order to break free from the expectations of others, Griff and Melody must throw caution to the wind and set their own standards for love and happiness.

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