Release February 28, 2014 (Limited)
Cast Mariya Smolnikova, Yanina Studilina, Petr Fedorov, Thomas Kretschmann
Director Fedor Bondarchuk
Writer Sergey Snezhkin, Ilya Tilkin
Genres Action, War, Drama
Studio Art Pictures Studio, Non-Stop Productions/Columbia Pictures
Length 130 mins.


A team of Russian soldiers are sent to prepare the way for a larger army to land from across Volga river. They occupy a strategic building in their devastated city where some surviving civilians are taking shelter. Soon, they have to fight off ruthless German soldiers who are trying to take over the building.

Hauptmann Kahn (Thomas Kretschmann), a German commanding officer, falls in love with Masha (Yanina Studilina), one of the Russian women in the building.

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