Release March 26, 2020 (Limited)
Cast Isabelle Fuhrman, Tarek Bishara, Annarosa Mudd, Allison Winn, Isabella Pisacane, Alexanna Brier
Director Deborah Kampmeier
Writer Deborah Kampmeier
Genres Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Studio Full Moon Films
Length 102 mins.


Based on true events, TAPE, follows Rosa (Annarosa Mudd), an actress who secretly places hidden cameras on her body as well as in a dark studio. Rosa begins to stalk and film Pearl (Isabelle Furhman), who she identifies as the next "protege" of a successful producer, Lux (Tarek Bishara). Rosa's camera has difficulty finding focus as she attempts to shift her vision from the male gaze to the female experience. But as Pearl and Lux enter the targeted studio, and Rosa collects and edits footage, she, and we, must all sit through an endless day of Lux's screen test process, and the grey areas of pressure that women experience when being coerced by a powerful man. As Rosa peers into her own past experiences playing out before her eyes she is forced to question if her revenge-fueled goal of revealing what goes on behind these closed doors is worth what it takes to achieve it.

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