The Tender Bar

Release December 22, 2021 (Limited)
Cast Ben Affleck, Tye Sheridan, Lily Rabe, Christopher Lloyd, Daniel Ranieri
Director George Clooney
Writer William Monahan
Genres Drama
Studio Amazon Studios
Length 104 mins.


J.R. (Tye Sheridan), the son of a deadbeat father, and his mother Dorothy (Lily Rabe) move into her father’s (Christopher Lloyd) home where Charlie, Dorothy’s smart and colorful brother, also lives.

With Dorothy determined to provide J.R. the opportunities she was denied, Charlie help raise the young boy himself. Spending a lot of time at his uncle’s bar, The Dickens, J.R. begins to develop a strong father-son type relationship with Charlie, along with forming friendships with the bar’s patrons. When J.R. demonstrates a lack of skill in sports, Charlie pushes him to read more books, as he sees J.R. has the potential to become a writer.

When J.R. grows up, he heads off to pursue his studies at Yale University, where he meets Sydney (Briana Middleton). Struggling with his professional and love life, J.R. always finds himself going back to his uncle Charlie at The Dickens, who is always there to teach him how to navigate through the ups and downs of life, as he proudly watches J.R. become a man.

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