The Miracle Club

Release July 14, 2023 (Limited)
Cast Kathy Bates, Stephen Rea, Laura Linney, Maggie Smith, Mark McKenna, Niall Buggy, Hazel Doupe
Director Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Writer Jimmy Smallhorne, Timothy Prager, Joshua D. Maurer
Genres Comedy, Drama
Studio Sony Pictures Classics
Length 91 mins.


Lourdes, a picturesque French town and a place of miracles, a magnet for 6 million visitors each year from across the globe. Ballygar, Ireland, 1967: a boisterous hard-knocks community in outer Dublin that marches to its own beat - frenzied, fast and loose - and yet also deeply soulful; rooted in traditions of loyalty, faith and togetherness.

And the opportunity to rise above one's daily struggles is frankly a pipe dream, especially for women. There's just one dream for the women of Ballygar to taste freedom and escape the gauntlet of domestic life: to win a pilgrimage to the sacred French town of Lourdes.

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