Release February 23, 2024 (Limited)
Cast Michaela Watkins, Charlie Gillespie, Sara Waisglass, Aaron Ashmore, Rainbow Francks, Tricia Black, Oscar Hsu
Director Dane Clark, Linsey Stewart
Writer Dane Clark, Linsey Stewart
Genres Comedy, Drama
Studio Wildling Pictures
Length 93 mins.


Single mother Suze (Michaela Watkins) is dreading the day her teenage daughter Brooke goes off to university, but when she learns Brooke has been accepted to a school four hours away in Montreal, she's beside herself. Brooke has been everything to her since she was born, and since Suze's husband left her for another woman, that feeling has escalated. Brooke, feeling smothered by her mother, is desperate to get out on her own. The only consolation for Suze is that Brooke is also leaving her boyfriend, Gage (Charle Gillespie), whom Suze considers a loser because he didn't even graduate high school and has to repeat the year.

When Brooke, who rarely answers her mother's calls or texts, lets her know that Gage jumped off the water tower and is in the hospital, she begs Suze to visit Gage. Suze does so reluctantly, and while there she meets Gage's neglectful and uncaring single father, Rick (Aaron Ashmore), who begs Suze to take Gage home for a few weeks and care for him in her house, while he goes out of town on a job. With no other options, she finally agrees, and discovers there's more to Gage than she originally thought.

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