Release June 17, 2005 (Limited)
Cast Kyle Henry, Deena Fontaine, Ryan Black, Joseph Mesinao
Director Noam Gonick
Writer Noam Gonick, David McIntosh
Genres Action, Drama
Studio n/a
Length 93 mins.


Stryker is the story of a brutal turf war between two street gangs in Winnipeg's North End. Omar (Ryan Black), the mixedblood leader of the ABS (Asian Bomb Squad), dominates the 'hood with his crew of Filipino enforcers. His nemesis, Mama Ceece (Deena Fontaine), is the girl-thug leader of the Indian Posse.
She has just been released from jail and is determined to regain control of her neighbourhood. "Stryker" is Canadian slang for a prospective gang member. This film follows one Stryker (Kyle Henry), a 14-year-old Native arsonist from a northern reserve whose arrival in the city serves as a catalyst in this fierce battle.

The film is photographed by Oscar-nominted cinematographer Ed Lachman (Far From Heaven, The Virgin Suicides).

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