Live Review: Love Letter to Levi Kreis

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I have been to the church of Levi Kreis and the gospel is simple. Love yourself! The last stop of his SideXSide Tour at Joe's Pub in NYC was electrifying and amazing! Levi is astonishing. Listen, you can sit there and say, 'great show,' but that's simply not enough. I am here to testify that this talent comes along once in a lifetime! If you are ever lucky enough to see him live, you'll know what I mean. Some of us had tears streaming down our faces almost the entire show. I kept asking myself why I was crying. I'm still trying to process what was happening to me. I was embarrassed, but when I looked around it seemed I wasn't alone.

Let me state his obvious talents. He is marquee idol beautiful, his voice is one of the most freely expressive voices I've ever heard; his singing appears effortless. He is sincere, warm, gracious, connected and grateful to his audience. His life story and journey are inspiring and honest. He has transformed the shame, pain and confusion of being a gay man into becoming a soul that is bright, illuminated and proud. We can only thank this universe for giving him the gifts, talents and strength that transformed him and that he shares with us. He preaches and lives self-love from a deep and knowing place. He will inspire you, lift you up!

Levi has won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor for his current role as Jerry Lee Lewis in Million Dollar Quartet on Broadway. He's leaving the show within two weeks and heading to California to record his next album. The show at Joe's Pub also featured Eric Himan, a romping, cool guitar player/singer. Jason Anton opened the whole show with his big, soulful voice. He seemed a little nervous but I would love to see him sing when he's chilled. I can't thank Levi enough for that show! From the bottom of my heart...

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