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Walkey Talk: It's Not Binary. Films Can Be Popular AND Ambitious

Posted by: Mike Walkey  •  January 3, 2016 @ 1:50pm

Part One: Ambition

I hate writing traditional movie reviews. I hate having to express myself within the confines of a structured checklist. Here's the plot summary. The acting was strong. The writing was confident. The sets were pretty. The music was loud.

Worst of all is having to rate films though some kind of metric: numbers, letters, stars, thumbs, tomatoes, etc.

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Walkey Talk: What is Popular is Not Always Right

Posted by: Mike Walkey  •  July 18, 2011 @ 7:32pm

Congratulations to Harry Potter, the boy wizard who just scored the biggest North American opening in motion picture history this past weekend. In another time, this kind of news would have the showbiz world at a standstill. But in today's showbiz society, it's just another day at the office. And that's too bad, because the numbers are impressive.

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Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Posted by: Andrew Burns  •  July 14, 2011 @ 1:22am

It's not very often that fictional characters and their respective universes (especially ones this young) become more than just pieces of our pop culture and become a global phenomenon. Over the last 10 years (14 counting the books), the magical world of Harry Potter has become more than just books and movies but, in the words of Seth Green, "a piece of our iconography".

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Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Posted by: Andrew Burns  •  November 17, 2010 @ 9:17pm

It's that time again.

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DVD/Blu-ray New Releases: November 11

Posted by: Cameron McLeod  •  November 10, 2008 @ 9:26pm

DVD Releases

Top Releases

  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army (3 Disc Special Edition)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Smaller Releases