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Interview: Harold Perrineau on 'Seeking Justice'

Posted by: Tony Hinds  //  June 18, 2012 @ 10:58am

Harold Perrineau's work on screens both big and small has cemented him as an undeniable talent. He began his career doing theater in New York City but, quickly found himself working alongside the likes of Christopher Walken, Wesley Snipes and Laurence Fishburne in Abel Ferarra's cult masterpiece King of New York (1987).

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Review: Next

Posted by: Dean Kish  //  April 25, 2007 @ 12:14pm

I have been out of the movie game for a bit and I guess it is kind of appropriate that I return with a film aptly titled Next. Because for a while there I wasn't exactly sure what was "next" for me and my reviews.

In the new sci-fi thriller, Nicolas Cage stars as Chris Johnson, a low-scale Las Vegas magician who does these amazing slights of hand.

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Review: Ghost Rider

Posted by: Dean Kish  //  February 16, 2007 @ 8:19am

"My head is burning up," exclaims Nicolas Cage as he stumbles out into the sunlight.

In the new feature film Ghost Rider, Cage stars as Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stuntman who harbors a very dangerous curse. I guess when he was just a boy, Blaze sold his soul to Mephisto (Peter Fonda) in exchange for curing the cancer of his quickly fading father.

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Review: Windtalkers

Posted by: Dean Kish  //  June 14, 2002 @ 1:29am

Not since Black Hawk Down has a war film been this harrowing or graphic. Windtalkers delivers.

Windtalkers takes place during the Pacific conflict of World War II. A battered, bruised and nearly deaf soldier named Sgt. Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage) is assigned to a new unit after the tragic ending of his last mission.

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