Friday NIght Lights: Every Rose Has It's Thorn

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This week: Coach has to make a decision between Matt and J.D., Tyra's cowboy continues to make waves in her life, Julie makes a fashion statement that raises Coach & Tami's eyebrows and Tim Riggins takes some business advice from Buddy Garrity and Flip This House.

Switching between the spread and the eye offence is not working out so well for Coach Taylor and the Panthers. J.D. is on fuego (according to the Panthers play-by-play man) and he's putting up the numbers with his spread offence. Even though Matty scores the game winning touchdown he ends up walking off the field all by himself while the Panther faithful lift J.D. to their shoulders.

The Coaches all decide that it's in the Panther's best interests to go with J.D. as QB 1. Coach Taylor has to break the news to Matt and it's painful. Unfortunately Gramma and Shelby come home just as Coach is delivering the bad news so they don't really get a chance to talk it out. Matt tells Shelby that he's ok when she asks, but he's very clearly not. The good news is that now Matt and Landry can keep each other company in their misery and listen to power ballads on the way to school.

Shelby found a hairstylist's chair to rent in Dillon, which means she could stay and help out with Lorraine until Matt graduates. But Matt doesn't seem to care one way or the other if she stays or goes, and he tells her to just 'do whatever you want'. The problem is that he is too wrapped up in the Quarterback controversy to really give his Mom a second thought.

Later on, Matt has a little fit of anger and tries to tear up the locker room. Coach Taylor finds him beating the crap out of a bunch of football helmets and wants to know what the deal is. Matt is mad at Coach for not being straight with him, because after doing everything Coach asks he feels like he's at least earned that much. So Coach tells Matt that yes, he has to put a team on the field that's going to win football games, and right now that team has J.D. McCoy as it's quarterback.

Matt tries to quit, but Coach won't let him and tells him: "I know you son, if you quit you will hate yourself later." So Matt agrees to stay on the team, spitting back: "Fine, I'll sit on your bench. I'll come to practice and I'll do whatever you want me to do, but I'm gonna hate it. And you're gonna hate it. Good talk Coach." I really love the dynamic between these two, even when they're mad at each other there's so much love and respect.

That night Shelby asks Matt if she can come to his game on Friday, and he has to tell her all about J.D. and his fight with Coach and how the only reason he was even playing QB 1 in the first place was because Jason Street got hurt. And it turns out that it's kind of nice for him to have a Mom around to talk about these things with. The next day at practice, Matt watches from the sidelines while J.D. is taking snaps. And as Coach watches Matt, and it turns out Matt was right. He does hate it.

At some point, Julie has gone and gotten herself a tattoo. She tells her parents that was walking home from work and had her paycheck and she thought, hey why not? Coach and Tami are unimpressed. 'It's a rose and a heart, what does that even mean?' Tami wants to know. Good question Tami. Coach and Tami decide to tag team her and have a good, conversation about the tattoo. Julie keeps telling them that the tattoo doesn't mean anything, and they need to chill out about it. Tami says that if it's so meaningless then she shouldn't be heartbroken if she gets it removed, and in fact she's already gone and booked an appointment for her. Well played, Mama T.

But as she's driving Julie to San Antonio, Tami has a change of heart about the tattoo. They pull over to the side of the road and have a mother-daughter chat. Tami tells Julie about her days as a wild child and how Coach Taylor came along and helped pull her out of it. She tells her that the tattoo just scared her and she doesn't want Julie to go down a road where she'll need somebody to pull her out of it one day. Julie says she won't and promises to make good decisions. Tami ends up letting her keep the tattoo and promises that she'll want to take it off by the time she's thirty anyway.

Hey remember last season when Jason got that waitress pregnant? Well, this week we get to meet little Noah for the first time. Jason is trying his darndest to be a family man, helping out with the baby and trying to come up with more money so that his Baby Mama can cut back to part-time waitressing and they can all live together. And cue Tim Riggins with his money making scheme...

Buddy Garrity is having a hard time selling his house, and while Tim is helping him move some of the furniture out he overhears a piece of great advice from Buddy that when the markets are bad and all the other little rats are running scared that's when the true entrepreneurs and visionaries come out of the woodwork. Tim gets the brilliant idea that him and Billy and Herc and Jason should flip Buddy Garrity's house. He saw it on TV, so it will totally work. Plus, Herc is good with design.

Tim and Billy need to sell their copper wire from last episode in order to get the money for the house loan. Unfortunately, the shady character that they had planned to sell to is now offering them 10 grand less than he originally said he would pay. After missing an appointment at the bank the Riggins brothers finally admit to Herc and Jason their cashflow problem. But Herc comes through with an equally shady character who will pay 20 grand for the wire.

For a minute it seems like everything is going to work out, but then Buddy Garrity sees Tim & Billy Riggins' names on the bill of sale and changes his mind. Jason comes to Buddy to talk it out, and Buddy tells him that it's because of Tim Riggins that he doesn't want to sell them the house.. You see, as much as he loves Tim on the football field, he's not so crazy about the idea of him becoming the father of his grandchildren. Jason tells him that he's the one with the baby now, and he needs the house for his family. Jason tells Buddy to thing about the fact that he's selling his house to Jason Street, All-American quarterback and the Riggin's brothers are just an afterthought. Buddy gives in.

The only problem is that Jason's Baby Mama has decided to move back east with her parents. She can't stay in Dillon with no support anymore. She tells him that he can come visit anytime, but she has to go. Jason is left with three bickering buddies and a house to flip, but no family. Poor Street.

Tyra is having some issues at school since Cowboy Cash has arrived on the scene, and Tami is not thrilled with her choices. She's also more than a little worried about Tyra becoming a bad influence on Julie. Tyra tries to talk it out with her cowboy, telling him how important school is to her. And he's a smooth talker, I'll give him that. But I don't trust him as far as I could throw him. He also seems to take a lot of painkillers, even for someone who gets thrown off horses for a living.

Despite Tami's warnings, Tyra skips school to hang out at the ranch with Cowboy Cash. But hey, she gets to see a newborn foal so I guess it's an educational experience. Afterwards Tyra comes to see Mrs. Taylor and thanks her for believing in her, but she is wrong about Cash. But Mrs. Taylor doesn't care about Cash, she cares about Tyra. And Tyra insists she still has her priorities straight. We'll see.

That's it folks. Tune in next week when we learn that it ain't easy being J.D. McCoy.

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