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This week: Street and Riggins head off to the Big Apple, Saracen tries his hands at Wide Receiver and Coach squares off with Tami over buying a new house.

Now that they've sold the house Herc, Street and the Riggins brothers are trying to decide what to do with all their money. Billy is going to tell Mindy she can quit her job at the strip club, and Herc is debating between opening up an orphanage and finding out how many margaritas you can buy with $14, 000. Street plans to take a trip to New York and find a job as a sports agent.

Riggins and Street hit the Big Apple, ready to take on the world. The first step is to get Street a suit and then go drop in on Mr. Grant-the-Sports-Agent at his office. Riggins stops a very important looking man on the street and asks him where he got his suit: Paul Stuart. So off they head to get Street all spiffed up. When they find this Paul Stuart place they realize that maybe it's a little out of their price range (wool and cashmere suits imported from London) so instead they find a place that sells suits 2 for $125.

While Riggins is trying to hook them up fashion-wise, Street is worrying about what will happen if Erin rejects him and his plan to move to New Jersey with her and Noah. Riggins reassures him and tells him that he could play the "What If?" game all day, and he needs to just keep going with the plan.

When Street and Riggins get to the Sports Agency, the receptionist tells them if they want to see Mr. Grant-the-Sports-Agent then they need to call and make an appointment first. She reluctantly calls through and informs her boss that Wendell's friend from Texas is here and eventually Grant-the-Sports-Agent comes out to say hi. But the meeting does not go well. He tells Street that he's living in a dream world, and that the people who apply for entry-level positions in sports agencies are Harvard graduates. He also tells Street that Wendell screwed him over and was being courted by one of the other sports agencies in town.

Street is understandably upset that he's just had all his dearest hopes and dreams dashed. But Tim tells him to drop the violin and just enjoy the fact that they are in Times Square getting ready to go to a Broadway show. This doesn't seem to cheer Street up though, so Riggins goes for a different angle and tells him to suck it up, go down to Penn State and see his friend Wendell and tell him he's making a big mistake signing with the other sports agency. If Street can get Wendell to sign with Mr. Grant-the-Sports-Agent then maybe, just maybe he might get a job out of it. Folks it appears that Tim Riggins is becoming the king of good ideas.

The dynamic duo heads down to Penn State to talk Wendell into resigning with Mr. Grant-the-Sports-Agent. Street turns on his fast talking, star quarterback charm and convinces Wendell that he is making a huge mistake by signing with the other sports agent. Street, Wendell and Riggins head back up to New York together and Mr. Grant-the-Sports-Agent invites Jason to sit in on the negotiations. Tim waits patiently in the lobby while his best friend seals the deal on his shiny new East-Coast life.

Once Street has landed the job with the sports agency, the last step in his plan is to ask Erin and Noah if he can come and live with them. He practices his speech with Tim in the cab on the way out to New Jersey. Tim tells Jason he's pregnant. Not helpful. When they get out of the cab at Erin's house though, Tim chokes up a little bit and tells Street that he hopes he gets everything he wants, but no matter what happens he'll always be his best friend, aw! And then Street is welcomed home by Erin and his son and Tim heads home by himself. Texas Forever.

Katie McCoy has put a bug in Tami's ear about buying a big and beautiful new house that just went on the market. Tami really wants the house but the realist in her knows that financially it's probably a bit of a stretch. When she brings up the subject with Coach, he isn't thrilled with the idea but mostly because it was Katie McCoy who put the idea in Tami's head. It seems like the McCoys are behind everything.

Coach goes with Tami to look at the house, but he tells her what she already knows deep down: they can't afford it. The optimist in Tami gets in a big argument with the realist that is in Coach. She thinks he is not looking at how great this house could be for them as a family, he is frustrated that she won't think about the finances and what could happen if one of them loses their job. Coach ends up leaving to go and grab some air.

Tami can't let it go though, and she wakes Coach up in the middle of the night because she can't sleep from thinking about it. She asks him if they can just go look at the house together one more time and really think it through as a family. He agrees but only so he can turn the light back off. The next day they go to the house and take a really good look around, but the finances still haven't changed. Coach tells Tami that as much as he would love to be able to give her the house, he just can't. And he's sorry, truly. Tami says that she doesn't need the house, after all that. But she feels better that he came and looked and took it seriously.

Tyra's cowboy is getting ready to head out on the road for the next six months. Cash tries to talk her into coming with him for a few days, but she reminds him that she has her college interview coming up this week. Despite a pep talk from Mrs. Taylor, Tyra is still very nervous about the interview. It doesn't help when Cash calls her right before she's about to go in to the interview and they have the 'Are you going to be faithful to me?' talk. Cash tells her that he's going to try his best to be faithful but the reality is he'll be gone for six months and it's going to be hard. Good timing, cowboy. Tyra's interview doesn't go so well. When she meets up with Mrs. Taylor afterwards, Tami tells her to keep pressing on with her applications to other school so that she has a lot of options. Instead, Tyra decides to skip school and join Cash on the rodeo circuit.

At practice, clipboard-carrying backup QB Matt Saracen is getting frustrated because the receivers keep running the wrong routes. He asks Coach if he can show the wide receiver how to run his route properly and Coach agrees. Of course, Matty pulls it off perfectly for a nice 20-yard catch. The next day Matt brings over some charts to Coaches house and asks him if he might possibly be able to switch over to receiver. Coach is reluctant to move Matt over because if he gets injured and something goes wrong with J.D. then the team is screwed. Matt leaves with Julie and his head hanging low.

When Matt is walking Julie home from work the next day, he asks her if Coach is mad at him or something. Julie asks if Matt is really asking her why her dad won't let him play wide receiver. When he admits to it, Julie tells Matt that he just needs to be persistent and get past Coach's stubbornness. After all, it usually works for Julie. "But won't that get annoying?" Matt wants to know.

The Taylors have Matt over for dinner and Julie point blank asks her dad why he won't let him play wide receiver. Matt tells Julie to drop it and she silences him with a finger point. This girl has learned from her mother! Julie goes on to tell Coach all the reasons why he should give her boyfriend a shot at wide receiver. Matt pipes up that they can go outside and Coach can throw him ten different routes and if he misses one of them, he'll shut up about playing receiver. Coach agrees.

The boys head outside with Julie and Tami close behind to cheer Matt on. He makes the first nine routes no problem, but on the tenth Coach throws the ball a little bit too far. From Coach's look of disappointment you almost get the feeling that he was routing for Matty. As they're going back into the house to finish dinner, Coach says it was a bad pass and he'll still think about letting Matt switch to WR. Julie wants a special girlfriend/advocate contract entitling her to 10% of Matt's future earnings.

Mac Magill collapses on the field in the middle of practice. He's had a heart attack and he's going to be out for a while. Buddy recommends that Wade Aikman- the quarterback coach from Dallas who has been working with J.D. - step in until Mac is back on his feet. Coach is not too thrilled with the idea, because he knows that Joe McCoy is behind it. But it doesn't seem like there are any alternatives for Coach Taylor so he offers Wade the job but he lays down the law first. It's a temporary arrangement, just until Mac gets back on his feet and Wade Aikman is not allowed to show any of the other players any special treatment.

In his first practice as a Panthers coach, Wade tries to run some drills he learned at a USC coaching clinic and he also slides Matt in at Wide Receiver. Coach is not happy, and tells Wade to stick with the drills he has worked out and leave the quarterbacks alone. Not helping is Joe McCoy who shows up after practice to shake Coach's hand and tell him he's glad that he managed to put aside their differences and do what's best for the team. I swear you can see steam coming out of Coach Taylor's ears.

That's it Panther fans. Tune in next week when Riggins and Saracen start thinking about the future and Tyra has to deal with the consequences of her decision to follow Cash on the rodeo circuit.

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