The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.4: Recap & Discussion

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Aw, man. That was a hard one for me, with the first elimination of a Team I Actually Care About.

And just when I was planning on waxing poetic on how cute Justin is. Alas, we hardly knew ye, Cute Justin With Your Cute Laugh.

What a bizarro leg -- lost passports, nobody knows who Jackie Kennedy was, Brian & Ericka actually rocked a challenge (through sheer luck, of course), and we had a needle-in-a-haystack detour option combined with a sell-this-item-in-a-busy-marketplace option (which is just MEAN). Thankfully, it was also full of less couple drama and/or drama between the poker players and the brothers , and rather full of actual racing. LOVE.

Not so much love to the loss of two interesting guys who could probably have won the whole thing (and not just in their own opinions). But enough what-iffing on their behalf (I'm sure they're doing enough of that for the whole world); now that a team of major competitors is out, who do you think will be in the final three?

I'm going with Meghan & Cheyne, who have proven to be nothing but competent; Gary & Matt, who I also hope will become more interesting and talk less about Montana along the way; and Sam & Dan, because what is a final three without a manly man team? The Globetrotters are also contenders, but I think the rest of these remaining teams are pretty dispensable.

Before I leave you, I'd just like to give a shoutout to the people of Cambodia, who overall seem to be a delight, wouldn't you say? I especially enjoyed Zev & Justin's taxi driver, who even humoured all their ridiculous jokes.

(P.S. If you're wondering what happened to Zev's passport, check out the Elimination Station video for full details. Nutshell? They went in the wrong building at the monkey challenge and it was dark in there. Justin reached in the pack for his headlamp and dragged the passport out with it. It was turned in to the US Embassy, who immediately produced it when Zev & Justin walked in the door after already being eliminated.)

Below is a little video recap for you and a preview of next week's episode (but not if you're in Canada; sorry, we're working on that).

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themuffin says...

I was so sad that Zev and Justin were eliminated..I truly liked them. Meghan & Cheyne are my next pick.. and the globetrotters are fun..

I would love to do an amazing race but am not that fast off the mark so I will have to be content to live vicariously through the various teams..

Oct 19, 2009 10:45am

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