The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.5: Recap & Discussion

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It turns out you can't just show up at the airport and request a flight to "the Persian Gulf" without getting a few funny looks. Who knew? Thanks, Sam and Dan, for that bit of wisdom.

This episode brought us sledding, snowman, and very, very tall buildings in Dubai; a desert water search that fortunately did not result in any human or camel deaths; some teams (Brian & Ericka) really grasping the concept of race karma, and others... not so much (Mika & Canaan, yelling at taxi drivers is never a good idea); and the welcome ouster of Lance & Keri, who... were somehow way nicer to each other than expected when the inevitable became, well, inevitable.

Brian & Ericka continue to improve, and their race karma did them will with a big stroke of luck at the Detour, bringing them in at second place, right behind the Fastforwarded Meghan & Cheyne, who continue to excel, and who get to drive around in really fast and awesome cars a lot lately. The Globetrotters and Gary & Matt put in a strong showing as well, and despite a car mishap at the Detour, the poker girls and Sam & Dan live to see another day.

Now you tell me, would you have been as petrified as Mika to merely take an elevator to the top(ish) of the world's tallest building, or do you think she was overreacting? How adorable were the mini-snowmen and mascot-sized polar bear at the Ski Dubai Detour? Have you ever personally experienced 130-degree heat (that's over 50 Celsius to my non-American readers), and if so, what did it feel like (aside from throwing yourself into an oven to bake for a few hours like so much Thanksgiving turkey)?

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