The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.6: Recap & Discussion

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'Twas a surprisingly interesting episode for one that didn't leave the city of Dubai at all. Teams performed a Bond-like Roadblock, a Detour featuring a choice between fiddly numbers and fiddly assembly, and a fear-of-heights-and-water-defying waterslide under sharks.

Brian & Ericka had trouble with the Detour and ended up trying both options and dropping a couple of places in the standings. The Globetrotters had trouble with telling time at the Roadblock. But Mika's trouble with the heights and water was undefeatable and the Globetrotters took advantage and, as they put it, slam-dunked her ally-oop setup.

Here are my questions: Will Meghan & Cheyne ever falter? Were Mika's water wings more or less hilarious than Canaan's attempts to throw her down the waterslide? Does anyone know how to do long division with a pencil and paper anymore? And did you sympathize with or yell at Mika throughout her ordeal?

If you're watching this season, make sure you leave us your thoughts below. 'Cause you can win stuff.

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fujitam says...

Hey Ariana, I found it hard to watch Canaan throw Mika down the waterslide, although I thought it was pretty funny when the Globetrotters were scaring her into not sliding. I had a feeling she wouldn't do it after her freak out when they went to the world tallest building. But, seriously who goes into the race with a fear of heights? You know there is going to be a task that will challenge that!!!

Oct 29, 2009 3:32pm

ariana says...

It's true. I think maybe Mika hoped to challenge herself but didn't realize how truly difficult it would be when she was staring down her fear from the top of a tower instead of sitting at home watching it on TV.

I was simultaneously laughing and cringing when he was trying to throw her down--cringing because I understand her fear, but laughing because... it's a grown-ass woman in floral water wings! And a WATERSLIDE! Not something actually, legitimately, life-threateningly dangerous.

Oct 29, 2009 3:47pm

ladyt64 says...

I was hoping that Canaan and Mika wouldn't get another chance. Like fujitam said, who goes into the race with a fear of heights or really anything for that matter. If you're on the show that means that you've watched it before and know that anything can happen. I did not sympathize with Mika at all. I hope that Meghan & Cheyne go all the way!

Oct 31, 2009 4:13am

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