The Office: Koi Pond

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Halloween episodes are fun to watch. The costumes are always interesting, whether it be Jim's minimalism, or Creed's incredible uncanniness. But with The Office tradition, something tragic always happens at that time of the year. This year, despite all the preparation combined with an unenthusiastic Daryl's oversight, Michael was able to succeed with his intention on scaring the children with his inappropriate suicide public service announcement, prompting Daryl to ask him, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

The questions continue, after Michael returns to the office completely wet. After the accident, Michael is noticeably bothered by the fall and the constant ridicule of his employees, to the point where he worsens everything with his useless sensitivity training, and pitiful self-deprication gone too far. It doesn't take long for the employees to turn against Jim, after the surveillance camera video is shown to the employees. Considering that Jim is now a manager, his actions in the video convey his lack of caring, further demoralizing the employees. With double the managers, there are now twice as many problems as there were before.

The other pair that have been singled out are Pam and Andy, as they have been sent out on a sales run due to their low sales figures. After getting mistaken as a couple on more than one occasion, they decide to play into it, to the point that it gets too uncomfortable. As they are debriefing, Pam begins to see the true Andy, and the vulnerable side of him that she has never seen before. Being all too familiar with the elongated story of the salesman having a crush on the receptionist, she refuses to let another salesman get consumed alone by his own feelings.

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sarahm says...

This episode was not very funny...a little disappointing for a Halloween episode. But I am looking forward to Pam trying to help Andy win Erin's heart.

Nov 4, 2009 7:09pm

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