The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.7: Recap & Discussion

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I have thoughts, most of which are spoilery if you haven't seen the episode yet, so click below to read more...

I know it's not Dutch, but nonetheless schadenfreude is really the most appropriate word to describe the emotion with which I watched most of this week's episode. There's no doubt those poor poker girls looked miserable, but... come on, it was hilarious. The failed strength test? The wind-golf? This extremely unsympathetic all-girl team will not be missed.

I felt less gleeful watching Ericka count bells--for some reason, that looked complicated. Could you only see certain bells on certain levels? Or would you have to somehow ascertain whether you'd counted the ones you were looking at already? And then with the guy playing and those things dinging in your ears the whole time? There's no way I would have been better at that than she was. You know when you're trying to count something and someone starts saying different numbers just to piss you off? Yeah, it's like that.

My question for you is, which is grosser: pickled herring, or half-naked saggy-assed drenched racers swinging wooden-shoe-tipped golf clubs at oversized balls? The whole Detour was shocking in its ridiculousness. But it's interesting to see how different teams deal with this kind of humiliation--Meghan & Cheyne, for instance, just powered through; the Globetrotters embraced every second of it. Overall though, I'd say this season is pretty packed with pleasant teams, and certainly the five that are left are pretty unobjectionable.

I'm still pulling for Meghan & Cheyne for first; they are continually delightful, hardworking, and smart--and they so hated not being first this week. I appreciate a team that aims for first each leg, instead of just "not last." What about you? Who are the frontrunners in your heart?

Next week: we revisit Season 6's hay bale Roadblock, the one that brought the demise of Lena & Kristy after eight hours of searching for a clue. Here's hoping this season's teams fare better... although that made for some amazing television.

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sarahm says...

I like Meghan & Cheyne. But I also have a soft spot for the Globetrotters.

Oh my gosh I hated the hay bale Roadblock!!! I loved Lena and Kristy and they got ousted on something totally out of their control. Also, they never gave up! Sniff. I'm getting sad just remembering it.

Nov 4, 2009 7:05pm

fujitam says...

I also felt bad for Ericka, but the other groups seem to get it finished so quickly (with the exception of the poker girls who got handed the answer by the hot gays...) I feel bad for all the teams for having to swim (WTF) to play wierd oversize golf, and then freeze in the wind. It was like watching a train wreck seeing the poker girls go from one task to the other, back to the other, and then back again. Can't wait til next week.

Nov 6, 2009 11:06am

ariana says...

I just realized that I fully forgot to mention in my recap where they spent the whole leg. Oops. So... Dubai to the Netherlands, retroactively.

I was really surprised by how quickly everyone-but-Ericka finished that bell Roadblock. I thought it would take them ages. I was especially shocked that Meghan and Dan? Sam? got it on their first try, considering that they seemed so confused the whole way through.

Nov 6, 2009 12:14pm

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