Friday Night Lights: Who Do You Think You Are?

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With the departure of Shelly last week, the Taylors have to figure out what to do with Gracie during the day. Tammy struggles with leaving Gracie at daycare, and she makes three attempts to leave her and ends up bringing Gracie to school with her three days in a row. Coach reads on the internet that separation anxiety is normal, and tries to be generally very supportive and understanding throughout the whole ordeal. He even offers to take Gracie to daycare himself. I don't really understand why Tammy is in such a rush to get back to work, personally . The kid can't even hold her own head up yet --whatever happened to maternity leave? Anyway, in the end, Coach and Tammy end up taking Gracie to daycare together and a few tears are shed, but it'll be ok. She's the cutest baby ever, and she's got Mr. Noodles to keep her company.

Over at the Saracen household, things aren't as rosy. Grandma is making baking soda pancakes for Matt, but he is not going to eat them because his Granny-Nanny lover is leaving for Guatemala and he's pretty broken up about it. This episode finally marks the return of the Matt/Landry friendship dynamic. Oh, how I have missed these two. I guess now that Landry is done killing people he can go back to giving bad love advice. They have a short scene together where Matt tells Landry about the Granny-Nanny (or as Landry puts it, "the hot maid") and how she is going back to the motherland and it makes him sad because he is sleeping with her and has like, serious, feelings for her. Despite a kind of cute date where Matt gets all dressed up and awkwardly slow dances with Granny-Nanny at some no-name family member's sweet sixteen party, she leaves. Family first, unprofessional flings with high school quarterbacks second. Oh, and she leaves without even saying goodbye!! Poor Matt.

Santiago has to deal with his gangster roots when one of his friends shows up, freshly released from prison, looking to cause some trouble. The awesome part? Santiago's bad gangster friend is Weevil Navarro! Buddy Garrity graciously offers to let Santiago's friends come over and watch a movie. Only gangsters don't really watch movies, so instead they throw a party and steal Buddy's grandfather's gold watch. Santiago notices the theft while he is cleaning up from the party and he goes after Weevil to get the watch back. Of course, Weevil denies having the watch and gives Santiago a big speech about how Buddy doesn't care about him and only wants him to play football. Santiago is obviously very affected by this speech, because he goes nuts and beats Weevil up and we head into a dramatic cliffhanger of a commercial break with Santiago choking Weevil. It's not really clear what the outcome of the fight was, other than Buddy getting his watch back and Santiago getting some really nasty bruises on his face. Weevil may or may not be dead.

Lyla has started volunteering at a Christian talk radio show called "I Was a Teenaged Christian." (You were? As in, you're not anymore? Huh?) She answers questions from callers about Christianity and things from a Christian point of view, and her co-host is none other than Logan Huntzberger! Ok, not really, this time his name is Chris Kennedy and he's cute and a Christian and he hits on Lyla in church, for shame! Tim Riggins calls in to the show, pretending to be Tina from Waco, using the most hilarious fake girl voice ever. Unfortunately for him, Lyla recognizes his voice and gets really mad and basically tells him he needs to think more about what he's doing and who he's hurting. So Tim has a crisis of conscience and realizes that he actually likes Lyla, like a lot, and so he goes and buys some flowers and is going to show up at the radio station probably to make some sort of speech, but he walks in and Lyla is kissing Logan Huntzberger! Ok, she's kissing Chris Kennedy. Poor dejected Tim Riggins walks away leaving his flowers on the piano. Hey, I'll take them!

And over in the ongoing Smash Williams saga that nobody cares about... well, ok, somebody might care about it, but that somebody is not me. Noelle invites Smash and his whole family to dinner with her whole family, which is a big step considering they've been dating for about two minutes, but apparently life moves fast when you're a teenaged sports agent/cheerleader (Hey, they should make that into a radio show!). Unfortunately, dinner does not go well. Noelle's parents stage an intervention to break up Smash and his agent, I mean girlfriend. They say they aren't comfortable with her dating a black guy. Honestly, haven't these people seen Hairspray?? When asked, Smash's mother agrees, mostly because she doesn't like Noelle, and who can blame her? The girl is annoying. So later on Smash agrees to take his little sister to the movies so he can meet up with his agent, I mean girlfriend. But there are some obnoxious white guys in the theatre who keep bugging Smash's little sister, whose name is actually Noannie. I had to look that up, so don't ask me how to pronounce it. Pretty much it ends with Smash punching Obnoxious White Guy's face in and running out of the theatre.

And that's it folks. Tune in next week when charges are brought against Smash, oh goody.

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