The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.9: Recap & Discussion

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After a short ferry hop to Tallinn, Estonia, teams spend the whole leg in and around that area, so it seems like a wee little leg with little room for the lagging, non-eliminated Gary & Matt to improve.

Their Speed Bump requires them to take a five-minute steam in a sauna bus with some friendly-seeming locals, including one particularly hot blonde girl. Challenging!

Meanwhile, the Roadblock involves a secret society and a seemingly blank piece of parchment, which they have to figure out contains a clue written in invisible ink by holding the parchment over their lit candle. Flight Time and Matt hit some problems here as both of them try to scribble on theirs like a charcoal etching, and Matt, as you saw in the previews, does not know what a candelabra is, although it doesn't hold him up as long as they had indicated in said previews.

The teams are sent to a tower to find their next clue, but Gary & Matt run into real trouble here when they can't find the clue box--there is a nice pan from them running one direction to the clue box directly behind them. Thank you, Amazing Cameraperson.

The Detour is a choice between mud volleyball and slingshotting vegetables at a moose target until a table collapses. Yes, I agree, both are hilarious options. Meghan & Cheyne make quick work of the volleyball option and reach the Pit Stop, which is in the same bog as the Detour options, before any of the other teams arrive at the Detour. They win a cedar sauna and seem appreciative but rather flummoxed, which is the usual reaction any time the leg prize is not a trip.

The next three teams (everybody but Gary & Matt) arrive at the same time, and as there are only two volleyball courts, Ericka & Brian are forced to slingshot. Sam & Dan get the crotch-blur treatment for much of the game, which makes no sense to me. (Any ideas on that one? Were their johnsons peeking out of their boxers? If so, why were there some moments with no blur? I mean, the locals in their tightie blackies weren't even blurred and you could get full package outline from those.)

The Globetrotters finish their volleyball game first, but they initially head in the wrong direction and by the time they get turned around, they're in a foot race with Sam & Dan to the Pit Stop. There is falling and slipping and pulling. Sam & Dan squeak in at second place, and Big Easy is pissed, yo. The instant replay shows him pulling Dan down and not the other way round, but whatever--Dan annoys me too, so you be mad all you want, Big Easy.

Ericka & Brian finish their vegetable slinging and wind up in fourth before Gary & Matt even make it to the Detour. And thus, the father and son are eliminated, but they're very happy with their experience on the race and how it's brought them closer together.

Next week... the final three teams are revealed! Who are you rooting for?

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