The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.10: Recap & Discussion

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Teams head to Prague, which if you ask Sam & Dan is either somewhere they speak Spanish or its very own country. That's... sort of appalling. Isn't not knowing where Prague is sort of like not knowing where London or Paris or New York City is? Anyway, dumb or not, they're all on the same flight from Tallinn.

In Prague, they have to find a vintage car in the old city, then perform an xtreme Detour of either fast xtreme whitewater kayaking (on a man-made whitewater course; cool) or slow xtreme rope-coursing overhead said man-made whitewater course.

Sam & Dan choose to kayak, while Meaghan & Cheyne surprisingly opt for the safer choice, the ropes course. The Globtrotters also choose the ropes course. Sam & Dan have a lot of trouble with the course and have to attempt it like four times before finally switching Detour options. Dan is really, really whiney. Meanwhile, neither of the roping teams has an easy time, but they both finish ahead of the brothers. Strange; the slow option is never actually faster! HAHAHA.

Ericka & Brian, who took transit instead of a taxi from the airport to the old city, arrive at the Detour just as Sam & Dan switch. They opt for the ropes course.

The clue after the xtreme sports is actually a clue that they have to figure out instead of just directions to the next task. On the way to the historic theatre they're supposed to find, Meghan & Cheyne spat a little with the Globetrotters, then briefly decide to work with them, and then get in their own little spat after Cheyne opts to take a taxi instead of continuing to ask a cute little old lady for transit direction. All things considered the fight is remarkably calm and reasonable. Meghan thought Cheyne was being rude; Cheyne thought he was justified; they are at a bit of an impasse but decide not to hate each other anyway.

At any rate, at the theatre, where Mozart premiered Don Giovanni, we have the Roadblock, in which one team member must search the 600 seats for a tiny mandolin (CUTE!), then bring it on stage to the guy playing Don Giovanni to get their clue. Cheyne takes it, and keeps finding regular-sized instruments; Don Giovanni is unimpressed. The Globetrotters get there shortly after and Big Easy takes it.

Meanwhile, Sam & Dan steal Brian & Ericka's waiting taxi at the Detour, and I really feel for that taxi driver! That is a moral dilemma right there. I mean, do you owe one team more than another? Does money motivate you? What does it matter to you who wins? Man. He could have at least called Brian & Ericka another taxi, though.

So Dan takes the Roadblock (the opening question is something about who can remain calm under pressure, and I'm sorry, but that is not Dan; although, which is worse, to have him doing the frustrating task himself, or to be yelling at you while you do the frustrating task?). Sam, by the by, was a vocal performance major and apparent opera nerd, as he wanders onto the stage humming along with Don Giovanni. Flight Time attempts a little ballet and then a vocal solo of his own.

The three guys keep finding the wrong things and Don Giovanni keeps laughing his head off at them. It is awesome. Cheyne is the first to find an actual tiny mandolin. Big Easy is glad they're gone because Meghan keeps going "Cheyne! Cheyne! Cheyne!" and it is driving him crazy.

The Pit Stop is Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world. Meghan & Cheyne are first, again, some more. (One more leg Two more legs, kids! You can do it!) They win a trip to Lanai, Hawaii.

Dan finishes. Ericka & Brian arrive and Ericka takes the Roadblock. Big Easy finishes. The two teams race through crowds of tourists through the castle's outer areas, and Sam & Dan arrive in second. The Globetrotters are third before Sam & Dan are even off the mat. Don Giovanni has a sandwich and takes a break with Brian while he wants for Ericka to finish. She does, and they take off for the Pit Stop in last, and are not eliminated, so it would seem the finale is still two weeks off.

Can Brian & Ericka hang on for one more leg? (Unlikely.) Will Dan ever stop whining? (Unlikely.) Will Meghan & Cheyne come out on top for another two legs? (Likely.)

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sunshine says...

I really do hope Ericka & Brian can keep in this race, although it will be pretty tough! Sam & Dan still drive me crazy! Hope they are the ones gone next week. That was a nasty thing they did- stealing the cab! They are just plain nasty!! I'm seeing this race ending up with Meghan & Cheyne winners, but hoping Ericka & Brian can last for the final race. (Globetrotters may pull it off, though- this is a tough one.)

Nov 27, 2009 12:39am

Ariana says...

I hope Meghan & Cheyne win--they deserve it for coming in first on so many other legs. They have been some of the most consistent racers I've ever seen!

As an aside, I noticed I accidentally called Flight Time & Big Easy "the Globtrotters" up there, and I think that I will just call them that from now on.

Nov 28, 2009 2:40am

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