The Amazing Race S.15 Ep.11: Recap & Discussion

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The first clue of the leg leads teams to the Spanish Synagogue, which is still in Prague. The whole leg is in Prague. For most teams, this destination yields only a second clue, but for Ericka & Brian, it will host their Speed Bump.

The second clue sends them to the Ekotechnicke Museum. There, they find a Kafka-themed Roadblock wherein one person enters a room full of ringing telephones and has to find the five that have someone on the other end; each of these will give them one letter in the word "Franz" (as in Kafka), which they will have to unscramble to get their clue.

Meghan takes the task for her team, and it should be noted that the ringing is irritating as heck, and that they can't write the letters down as they go. Meghan opts for an animal theme to help her remember the letters (Rabbit, Zebra, Ferret, what's an animal that starts with N?, and A). Then she has to fill out a form with all kinds of questions designed to throw her memory off, before she gets to the last question, which asks for the unscrambled word.


Meghan gets it on the first try, and she must be pretty quick because the brothers left the Pit Stop only half an hour after them, and she and Cheyne leave for the next destination, something called Kryocentrum, just as they show up. Dan is taking the Roadblock for his team. The Globetrotters show up as he finds his last letter. Big Easy does the Roadblock.

At the Kryocentrum, the task is to strip down to one's skivvies (thanks, Phil) and endure two minutes in a -180C room. Apparently, it's some kind of therapy for athletes. Um, no thank you. I have experienced -50C but only in a lot more than my underwear, and I just... no. That is awful and ridiculous. How do you not die of hypothermia?

Ericka & Brian, meanwhile, have found their Speed Bump, in which they have to find a specific lounge where they will prepare and drink a shot of absinthe. Oh, the Czech Republic. What you do to people.

As for Dan, he can't unscramble the word because he doesn't know if it's supposed to be in English or Czech. Ditto Big Easy. This is... shocking. They decide to work together so they can try more options faster. The dour Czech guys supervising this operation are like *internal facepalm*, although I think the guy is getting a big kick out of repeatedly stamping their question sheets with big red X's.

Meghan & Cheyne complete their frozen task and comment that they feel bad for polar bears. Well, see, no. Because it's not that cold where polar bears are, and also they have a big fat coat to protect them. Anyway, they're sent to Charles Bridge for their next clue.

Ericka & Brian do their absinthe shots amidst scantily clad dancing girls, and then the worst thing happens: Dan finally gets "Franz" right and all he'll tell Big Easy is that it starts with F. Oh, come on! Big Easy is similarly displeased but he accepts it and moves on. Meanwhile, Brian starts the Roadblock for his team. Brian also get the Roadblock for his team; Big Easy does not, and he and Flight Time decide to take the four-hour penalty for not finishing a Roadblock. I don't know; he honestly doesn't believe he could figure that out in four hours? I am not seeing the justification for this decision.

Meanwhile, Meghan & Cheyne have found the Detour, which features the option of mudding up a... here, I'll let Wikipedia explain it to you, then toting it to a synagogue for a rabbi's approval, or carrying 30 glasses of beer from a brewery through a busy town square to a pub for its patrons. They pick the mud. So do Sam & Dan. Ericka & Brian freeze their proverbial balls off.

Meghan & Cheyne tote their golem toward the synagogue while Meghan talks Cheyne off his ledge, reminding him to be positive and not "stressed out and loud and rude." Hmm, sounds like someone doesn't want to look bad on TV. And I fully support that.

Ericka & Brian choose the "Lager" option. Meghan & Cheyne receive their clue, sending them to the Pit Stop, Strelecky Ostrov. They are very, very muddy. Sam & Dan tote their golem, whose arm is nigh unto falling off because Dan let him fall over. Boy, they are fighting a lot. Ericka & Brian find their lager to carry and head out with the first load. Some locals hassle them on the way, trying to get them to drop their trays, and I don't think Ericka & Brian realize that they're with the show. Brian's all, "You guys don't have jobs?" Yes, it's called "being an extra on The Amazing Race."

Meghan & Cheyne check in first. Again. Some more. Also, they win TVs. ONE MORE LEG. WIN!

The remaining teams are not having such an awesome time. Sam & Dan continue to whine and fight as they drag their golem in what is quite possibly the wrong direction; the Globetrotters have only waited out one hour of their penalty thus far; and Ericka cannot carry a tray of glasses because she clearly has never waited tables (Brian has). She wants to switch but Brian won't let her, so they persevere. She keeps saying the task is "IN-sane" and that is making me in-SANE. There is a lot of mutual pissing off going on with the drunken locals.

Sam & Dan reach the mat in second. They think they can beat Meghan & Cheyne; why not?

The sun has come up, the Globetrotters have finally finished their penalty, and Brian & Ericka have finally delivered their last beer. The Detour took them all night long, they said. Gross. At any rate, they reach the Pit Stop in third and they cannot freaking believe it. When the 'Trotters reach the Kryocentrum, they are sent directly to the Pit Stop. They are last and are eliminated. Farewell, guys. I enjoyed watchiing you.

Next week: Meghan & Cheyne win a million dollars. Not a spoiler.

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fujitam says...

I really hope Meghan and Cheyne win, Dan and Sam are too whiny and I really don't want Brian and Erika to win either. Did you happen to hear the women in the crows comment on Erika's "American additude"? I thought that was hilarious!

Dec 1, 2009 11:39am

ariana says...

I definitely noticed that, and I appreciated Ericka's response, because to be fair, asking people to get out of your way and/or stop harassing you and/or NOT to grab beer off the tray you are carrying is really not a rude American thing. I probably would have hauled off and punched that one girl (I'm sure Ericka wanted to, but her handful of tray prevented her).

Dec 1, 2009 12:29pm

sarahm says...

I couldn't believe the Globetrotters took the penalty on that challenge. Seriously, keep trying. Even if it had taken them another hour it would have been way less than the four they spent sitting around doing nothing. Egads.

Sam and Dan weren't always this annoying were they? I was hoping the Rabbi would send them back to do the challenge again cuz their guy's arm was broken. Alas.

Dec 6, 2009 9:38pm

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