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This episode did answer, at least it began to answer, a question that's been on my mind for quite a long while: What happened to Claire??? We also got a little more info on the strange Asian Dude (Dogan?), what's up with Sayid (but can we trust them?), and an emoting Sawyer (which is a really cool change in him that began to really happen last year).

The Flash Sideways (I guess) was here again and most likely will continue throughout. To what end? I guess we'll find out. What I think is cool is that we're seeing many of the people from Lost come together in the Sideways Flash. Today, we saw Ethan again and I swear the mechanic was also an Other... somebody correct me if I'm wrong. In this stream, it is all about Kate (yeah!). Her escape continues and the story essentially brings us to Claire (who was in the cab but was kicked out). After going through Claire's luggage, and seeing baby stuff, Kate finds Claire and offers her a ride to the people who are adopting her baby.

Turns out, however, that the couple who was going to adopt the baby no longer is together and so Claire travelled all the way to the USA for nothing. Or did she? BAM! Claire goes into labour and Kate brings her to the hospital. Here we see Ethan, who gives really good care to Claire, who decides to postpone the whole labour thing (as is her option). A cool thing happens during this scene, where the baby's heartbeat is lost and both Claire and Kate show their "true" selves (the island selves?). Claire freaks out when she thinks she is losing the baby, realizing that she actually wants it. And Kate sorta kinda freaks when she hears the baby's name: Aaron. Of course, Kate adopted Aaron for years when they left the island for the first time. There is a really sweet bond between Claire and Kate and they leave on nice terms, with Claire giving Kate her credit card. With all this happening parrallel to the OTHER flash, you know you're going to get some more Claire (and Kate). Question: does that Killer Whale have significance?

In the OTHER stream (the present day?), Sawyer manages to get a gun (shoots somebody on the way out) and escapes the Others. Kate offers to go after him and bring him back, and they agree, surprisingly, only because it's very important that he comes back. Jin goes with her. Sayid, meanwhile, is brought to see the Asian Dude (Dogan??) and they electrocute and burn him, and never say a word to him, only that it was a test and he passed. This pisses Jack off, and he goes to see them. They tell Jack that Sayid is infected and that he needs to take a pill, described as medicine... but what kind of medicine? Jack takes it with him but decides not to give it to Sayid, even as Sayid tells him that he trusts him.

Jack storms back to see Dogan (I'll call him that not very confidently) and is told that he was brought to the island, just like him and everybody else. Interesting, but we kind of knew that. Jack then surprises Dogan by taking the pill himself, and Dogan (kind of hilariously) kicks Jack in the stomach and then does the Heimlich. Jack's told that the pill is DUH DUH DUH... POISION. Why do they want Sayid dead?? After this has happened, they share tea together and Dogan tells Jack that Sayid has this darkness in his body now that, if it reaches his heart, any trace of the Sayid Jack knows will be gone... like his sister (who we all know is Claire). So, there's the correlation between the two flashes today.

Meanwhile, Kate and Jin are being escorted by two Others dudes, and they are being predictably mysterious. One of them keeps shutting the other up. First about the Airline that Jack and Kate and co. came BACK to the island on, and then about the old French lady (Rousseau). The white Others dude tells Kate that he was the guard she hit with a rifle 3 years ago and promptly gets whacked again by Kate and she and Jin escape. But after an argument, where Jin wants to find Sun and Kate wants to find Sawyer, they separate.

Kate finds Sawyer in the Others camp where he is ripping at floorboards, finally pulling out a shoebox with what we learn later is an engagement ring for Juliet. By a dock, Sawyer tells Kate that it's HIS fault Juliet died because he convinced her to stay. He really emotes here and gives a great performance, very heartbreaking. Not Sawyer-like. He throws the ring into the water and tells Kate to go back to the temple, at which Kate cries...at Sawyer, saying he's meant to be alone I think. He is in a bad way in this Flash.

Jin at this point is caught by the two Others again but when he runs away, he is caught by a beartrap looking thing. But BOOM! the Others are shot. He looks around... CLAIRE. Who looks crazy. Or confused. Or both.

Did I miss anything??? I decided to not look at the notes that I took. Ha ha.


Pretty cool episode. I love Kate, very interesting character, so it was great to see her in the spotlight today. It was also nice to FINALLY see Claire again. She kinda disappeared a long time ago, so I can see how things might be coming back around now. Sayid was a bit too whiney at the table there, seeing as how he's a killer, but Jack and Sawyer were also great this episode. Sawyer especially. I like Dogan but I want to get some light shed on him. I want to see how they got to the temple, their backstory, because I don't like people or groups of people just being thrown in there. So, I'd like to find out how they got there, what their relation is to Jack and co. or the Others at the spot we know and love (that is totally abandoned now). But we'll see where it goes. Very early in the season still, obviously. I also missed: "Next on Lost'... so not sure what next week will bring.

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metal2000 says...

Well I think bltcubs may have had it right from last episode's comments -- it's looking as though Sayid (if we're to believe Dogen, that is) has the same "sickness" that Rousseau had and Claire appears to have. But Rousseau, while incredibly paranoid and certainly a bit feral, seemed to live many years with the sickness, and didn't even die from it (she was murdered, of course). So I don't know why they feel they have to kill Sayid and/or Claire.

I don't think you missed anything important -- at least, not that I can remember a couple days later. :P Hopefully someone else with a better memory can chime in on any big points that are missing.

I'm really enjoying the flash sideways action, and definitely think that the 2 "realities" are somehow still connected. I mean, look how quickly Claire just blurted out "Aaron" as a name for her unborn child. It's also looking more and more like what happened on the island post-crash might just happen in Los Angeles in this new reality, anyway -- these characters are destined to interact and follow similar paths, no matter where they are.

I'm really curious what's going on with Claire. We've seen her with Christian, who was presumably either Jacob or ol' Smokey at the time, so we know something's up. And some point soon, she and Jack will reunite, likely with the knowledge that they're siblings (I can't remember if FakeChristian told her anything, but now Jack knows).

One question I have now: who is the leader of the Others? It was Ben, but he was supplanted in favour of Locke. Then Locke left, and eventually died. When he came back (or we THOUGHT he had come back), he seemed to re-take the leadership role again, but now that it's not him, who's in charge? Is it Richard? He seemed to always be the ASSISTER of whoever was in charge (Widmore, Ben, Locke) but never had authority himself. Maybe Dogen is next in line after Locke.

Feb 11, 2010 8:23am

Ramya says...

I don't think the mechanic was an other in any previous reality - he did, however, play Rack, crazy straitjacket vampir in BtVS when she lost her powers on her 18th birthday. Though I do appreciate reoccuring characters like Ethan, when they are so minor like Aldo ("
"You don't even remember me, do you? You don't recognize me. Well maybe this will jog your memory. Three years ago you staged yourself a little prison break. And you did it by knocking the guard out with the butt of your rifle. That would be me"), is it even worth it?

Feb 14, 2010 2:30pm

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