Once Upon A Time: And Straight On 'Til Morning

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"It may take time, but Peter Pan never fails."

Since Hook made his debut on the series earlier this season, there have been more and more Peter Pan references as the season progressed. The previous episode ("Second Star To The Right") even put Baelfire into the Darling home, thus adding even more Peter Pan material to the series. The question that remained, that was finally answered in the season two finale, "And Straight On 'Til Morning," was where is Peter Pan? This would be answered at the very end of the episode.

In the time before the reveal, a few things did happen.

Charming and Snow White continued to be the most boring couple ever. Since the curse broke, the two of them really have no plot. It is happily ever after, until somebody does something afoul to ruin their boring lives. Otherwise, neither one of them has any real aspirations, leaving them with nothing to do in this series. Look back at the entire season. After Snow White got back, all the two of them ever do, is literally stand around together, watching something else unfold.

The couple that is a contrast to Snow White and Charming, are Belle and Mr. Gold. This is because there is actually something happening between these two, and they each have their individual plots and motivations. Belle was stuck being Lacey, and Mr. Gold continued to find himself having to make difficult decisions concerning power, redemption, family, and love.

Not to mention, the entire series is really centered around Mr. Gold's manipulation of everybody. Having to make up his mind on whether or not Belle should witness the end of Storybrooke, Mr. Gold took out a restored Chip, to pour a magical potion for Lacey, that the blue fairy had made. The potion cured Belle of the amnesia, and also of her being the town drunk, thus finally reuniting the two of them

Belle's return also brought out the good in Mr. Gold, as he had long fixated on his demise, at the hand of a child. Thinking that Bae had died, Mr. Gold interpreted redemption as having to help Bae's son. As for Bae, the flashback showed how Bae kept getting screwed over and over again in life, this time by the secrets unveiled by being on the same ship as Captain Hook, and by getting taken away by the Lost Boys.

The present day Bae would end up surviving. And so did the town of Storybrooke, as Emma's magic came out, as she refused to let a repentant Regina sacrifice herself in order to save the town. As soon as everything calmed down, the massively dysfunctional family found themselves on the Jolly Roger, having put aside their differences in order to pursue a greater goal, that of finding Henry.

So it turned out Bae was not the child that the Lost Boys were searching for, as the drawing did not match Bae. The boy in the drawing turned out to be of Henry, who should have a key role to play in the next season, when Peter Pan debuts in the world of Once Upon A Time.

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