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Much Jack this episode, entitled "Lighthouse". The flash sideways was devoted to Jack and the relationship with his son. Very good story in the sideways flash, with Jack's son seemingly running away and Jack, worried, looking for him everywhere. Jack eventually finds his son, playing piano wickedly at a sort of entrance exam into a high-end music school. Here, Jack finds out that his son feels towards Jack as Jack felt towards his father. Jack didn't want any of that and shared a nice moment with his son, ensuring that he DID have what it takes.

The "have what it takes" line was important and a nice link to the Island reality. Jacob kind of goads Jack into following Hurley to the Lighthouse by saying those words, that he "had what it takes". Of course, his father always told him that he was never good enough

One thing of note, to me, was the scar Jack had. Was it from the appendix removal earlier in the series? Or did the appendix removal as a child, and the scar it left, make him retrieve some sort of blood memory of the island reality? Did anybody else pick up on this? I thought it was pretty cool and I wonder if this is related to the island, just as we keep seeing Island inhabitants crossing over to see each other in his alternate reality (the Asian dude was at the piano scene). And, yes, I've forgotten his name.

So the island reality dealt with Claire, which was good. Essentially, she's had a few cups of crazy...or maybe she has been manipulated by the Man in Black? She mends Jin back to somewhat health, but kills an Other in the process, quite savagely. In the end here, Locke walks in and they're going to head to the temple because Jin chickens out (afraid to die you know) and instead "admits" to Claire that he was lying about Kate taking Aaron, and that the Others DID have her son... which they don't. Silly Jin. So this scene, of the Man in Black going to the temple with Claire, is set against the climax of the other story on the island, which is of Jack and Hurley.

Hurley sees Jacob again and is told that he needs to help somebody to get to the island. He is told that he needs to bring Jack, and to convince Jack, as I said before, he is told to say to Jack that he "has what it takes". This really gets to Jack and he agrees to follow Hurley with hopes of seeing Jacob or being able to talk to him. We get a short glimpse of Kate on this walk, but she's off to find Claire (and hopefully go away from the temple because... well... something's going down there and we find out later that you do NOT want to be around that area). They eventually arrive at a Lighthouse, wondering why they never saw it before. Kind of like the big broken foot. Why didn't they ever see the big Egyptian giant foot before? Well, who cares, I guess.The island is big and who really could have explored the whole damn thing? It's just that sometimes I'm not cool with plugging things in to make a plot work... but maybe I'm just being a bit cynical. I love Lost. So... YAY LIGHTHOUSE.

Well, at the lighthouse, we get maybe our last explanation of the numbers. On this huge dial that rotates in degrees to show mirror reflections (and places other than on the island), there are numbers coupled with names, most of which are crossed out. They are supposed to turn the dial to...108 degrees? And I wondered who this might be...did anybody else? But Jack stops Hurley when he sees that they pass by SHEPHERD. They go back, and Jack sees the house he grew up. He gets super mad and smashes out the mirrors when he learns that Jacob is not going to show. Hurley soon does she Jacob again outside the lighthouse, but Jack is off being thoughtful by the ocean... Jacob says that Jack has important things to go on the island and that the whole trip was really just to get them both away from the temple, where something very bad was going to happen.

So...I am officially debunking the whole thought of Aaron being the SHEPHERD who is the candidate. In fact, Claire and Aaron do NOT have the last name of SHEPHERD anyway. Jack IS the candidate and I would say the frontrunner. I give credit to my wife for clarifying this all for me by the way. LOL.

So, now... what is Jack's purpose? What's going to happen at the temple? What is up with the flash sideways reality? How are the two related and how will they connect? I'm assuming they do somehow. What else... what else... the appendix thing really stuck with me for some reason and I liked how Jack found out about Claire in the flash sideways, too. I like that we continue to seem to be getting somewhere. Can't wait for next week.

Thoughts? Comments?

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