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Sayid! A cold blooded killer with a heart of gold. He's always been a fascinating character. I watched the episode on Tuesday with a new Lost-head...she just bought Season 1 and was about to delve into the world of Lost. Convinced that she would forget it all by the time she got to this episode, she watched it with my wife and I. I tried to explain some things to her off the top but was shut down because she didn't want me to ruin the surpises. Looking back, trying to explain Lost is nearly impossible. The other night I was trying to sort in my head just all the secrets Lost had to address this season and there are lots. So, where did we get on Tuesday? In my estimation...not very far. Although, it was still a good episode.

Flash sideways: Sayid! He goes to visit Nadia...who in this reality has married his brother. We quickly see that Sayid and Nadia are clearly deeply in love despite who she is married to. Just as quickly, we learn that Sayid's brother has gotten his family into some deep doodoo. Bro tries to convince Sayid to rough up the people who are bleeding him for all his life savings, but Sayid says "no". I liked how this played off a similar sequence in the Island reality. Essentially, in the flash sideways he was asked to prove that he was the man he used to be and in the other flash he was asked to prove he still had good in him. I thought that was cool. But I digress. No surprise, Sayid's bro is roughed up and Sayid looks like he is about to rain down some fury. Nadia tells him to instead look after her children. He does just that. She comes home later that night and they share a tender moment where they profess their love for each other but Sayid tells her that he will never deserve her because of the things he did. The next morning, Sayid is brought to a kitchen of a restaurant to meet his brothers' debtors. The main bad ass is the soldier who killed Ben's daughter. He is just as bad ass here as he was on the island. But guess who is a bigger bad ass? Sayid baby. In no time, he has a gun on the dude and, of course, shoots him. It was an awesome scene. Finally, he finds Jin in the big cooler. Another crossover. I'm so interested to see how they're going to deal with this flash sideways to bring it full circle. Your guess is as good or better than mine.

The Island reality involves the man in black coming to the temple as was alluded to by Jacob at the Lighthouse last episode. Dogen tries to have Sayid killed again, this time at the hands of the Man in Black. But no dice. The Man in Black spares Sayid and, as is becoming the norm, sweet talks him, convincing him that he can reunite Sayid with Nadia, who died in this reality. Horrifically. By a car. And you wonder why Jacob wanted Nadia to die, or felt she had to die...because his asking Sayid for directions led to Nadia's death. Does anybody else wonder if Jacob is the bad guy and the Man in Black isn't? Or if the Man in Black IS the bad guy (which I probably think) and is so because his manipulation of people's weaknesses leads to his relative successes. Well, Sayid is sent back to the Temple to warn people that they either have to go into the woods or stay and die. Most people leave but a good number stay behind. Unfortunately, they get totally whooped by the Smoke Monster. During this main turn of events, where Sayid kills Dogen all in the hopes that the Man in Black makes good on his word, there are sub-plots. Kate comes back and finds Claire in the hole (who gave the initial request to have somebody come out and talk to the Man in Black). Claire looks pissed at Kate at first for admitting to raising Aaron (which Jin told her but then said he was lying to save Kate's life), but then they seem like buds at the end. Also, the lady who knows a lot, who was with Ben and the pilot, arrives at the temple just in time to find a secret passageway and leave again...did they even take anybody with them? Ben seemed pretty freaked by Sayid. And that's not easy to do, to freak Ben out. In the end, Sayid, Kate and Claire, go out to see the dead that the Smoke Monster left behind and then leave the temple to see Locke (the Man in Black) walking away with a bunch of people.

Once again now, did I forget anything important? What are your thoughts on this? And where is James (sawyer)??? I wonder what's going on with Hurley and Jack...we'll see how it all plays out. For all this, though, including an awesome fight between Sayid and Dogen...where did we get? Did we make any progress? After two episodes of pretty good revelations, we didn't get MUCH this time around. Maybe I'm being greedy.

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