American Idol Season 9: Hollywood Week 1

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Ahhh, here we are. You... me... Simon... Ellen. The world's happiest family. It's Hollywood Week! We could just combine those to say Hollyweed. (Which is much funnier than Hollyweek, you see.)

So there were some awesome people on Tuesday night during the solos, and they were:

  • Katie, the teenaged girl with the grandma who has Alzheimer's
  • Andrew Garcia, who redid "Straight Up" to excellent results
  • Janell Wheeler, whose "American Boy" cover accented her sexy, raspy, smooth-and-easy voice
  • Giant new father Michael Lynche
  • Didi Benami (whose BFF died) with a cover of a Kara song called "Terrified"; Didi might be my favourite
  • Crystal Bowersox, despite her teeth and dreads and other questionable style choices
  • Lilly Scott, even though I've seen her before and her name is Ashleigh Ball and she is the lead singer of Hey Ocean

Some other moments deserving of at least a passing comment...

  • Haeley Vaughn got extensions.
  • Shirtless Casey James sings the blues real pretty. He is clearly more of a guitar player than a singer.
  • Mary Powers is the most hateful person I have ever seen on this show. And (SPOILER) she makes it through both rounds this week. VOM.
  • Vanessa Wolfe of rural Tennessee choked and was sent home. I hope she tries again.
  • Cancer survivor Justin Williams and his smarmy, sweaty armpits kinda suck and get sent home. He is boring and I am glad.
  • Barney girl gets sent home.
  • Maddie Curtis, she of the brothers with Down's Syndrome, gets sent home. She is devastated, but as her wise mother points out, she is only 16.

And a bunch of other distasteful people are sent home. Let us never speak of them again. 96 of 181 singers make it through the first day of Hollyweed.

Night 2 is groups. They are forced to name their groups. It is gross and there is lots of shih-tay singing and people we don't care about are knocked out right, left and centre. And some people we WISH would be sent home are not. (Mary Powers, I look at you and the horror you represent.)

Of note: Michael Castro is sent home, again, some more. Jailbird Matt Lawrence goes home.

Also of note: All the awesome people from Tuesday are still awesome on Wednesday, at least the ones they show us.

We have one more week of this, and then we can get set to crown either Didi, Andrew or Janell the winner.

P.S. I love Ellen.

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