American Idol Season 9: Top 24 Results

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We open with the usual banter, and then there's a group sing of "American Boy," which is perfectly bizarre, but the kids do well on their harmonies and synchronized walking. Do they always do group sings this early? I thought that was a Big Stage thing.

We're gonna take care of the girls first: Siobhan is safe. Haeley is safe. Michelle (who? I know) is safe. Katelyn is safe.

Katie and Janell are up together. One is going home; the other is safe. Katie is FREAKING OUT. She might puke. And... Janell is cut. What! OUTRAGE. (Not based on last night's performance, but on overall ability to win this show? That sucks. She had so much potential.)

But Janell is gracious, understands, supports her girls, and sings her Heart song quite a bit better than she did last night.

And then Allison Iraheta comes out and sings her new single "Scars," and you're kinda like, yeah ok, I see why that just happened. How is she so young??? Oh right: she talks, and in case you were wondering, she is still annoying.

Back to results: Paige is safe. Lacey is safe (and I feel justified). Lilly is safe. Crystal is safe.

We're down to Ashley and Didi. Um, eek... Please spare Didi; you already took Janell from me, stupid show.

Ryan brings them to centre stage and runs down last night's performances and judges' comments. Aaaaaaand... Didi... IS SAFE.


So Janell Wheeler and Ashley Rodriguez get the knife, and let's move on to the boys.

Ryan shows us some footage from yesterday's rehearsal, in which Tyler showed up in his bathrobe and boots. He thought he'd get to go through wardrobe before he went on stage. AhahaHA. I sort of wish Ryan would stop talking to "Kieran" the lighting tech as if we know who he is.

Anyway, results: Big Mike is safe. John Park is safe. Little Aaron is safe. Todrick is safe.

We've got Tim and Joe. One is going home, and that one is... Joe. Tim is safe. Joe sings us his Jason Mraz song and I am gratified that my "cannon fodder" statement of last week was accurate. (Although Joe is a good singer and seems very nice.)

Kris Allen's here to talk about his trip to Haiti and be cute. He tells us how the rainy season is coming and the Haitians (and if you think I didn't just mentally pronounce that "Hai-tee-ans," you'd be wrong. Thank you, Cher Horowitz) need shelter. So he's going to sing "Let It Be" and then you can buy it on iTunes and the for the next 24 hours proceeds of the sales will go to Haiti. (After that they're split up between the various beneficiaries of Idol Gives Back.) You should probably go buy it because it's really pretty and Kris Allen is dang awesome and Haiti needs help. In case you were wondering. (Also his album is extremely listenable and I recommend it.)

Back to the results: Casey is safe. Jermaine is safe. Lee is safe. Andrew is safe.

That leaves us with Tyler and Alex Lambert. We recap last night, and the guy going home is... Tyler. Whoa, that's unexpected. Casey's face agrees with me.

So there you go, Tyler Grady and Joe Muñoz are out.

And here's hoping next week is a lot more impressive than this week was.

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