The Office: The Delivery

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Much of the appeal of The Office is a result of combining diverse characters in an office environment, with plots that are driven by workplace related themes and the interactions that ensue. The Delivery, is unlike most episodes of The Office. Instead, it relies on slapstick, and the characters acting very much over the top. Though there were a few memorable moments, the episode, especially the first half, felt contrived, and attempting to fit a non-work story into an office environment.

Strangely, of all the characters, Dwight remained in character the most by not being at work. He had the best moments of the episode, such as the escorting, throwing the medieval weapons out of his vehicle as he was pursued by the police, and renovating the Halpert home. It just goes to show that Dwight causes more damage when he tries to be good, rather than evil. The same also applies to Michael, whether it is finding a parking spot, or playing matchmaker. It appears that over the years, these two have been moving away from being malicious, and into the destructive do-gooder.

The other observation that needs to be mentioned is the camera work in the hospital scene. It stayed consistent with past episodes, in respecting people's privacy at a hospital. But what was more interestingly, was what the camera did not catch. Scenes of pregnant women giving birth have been done way too many times on television, and the director of this episode chose not to show it. Instead, the director focused on what was happening outside of the delivery room, but also piping in the audio from what was going on inside. This was a nice touch, as it managed to simultaneously capture the birth, and at the same time, connected it to the rest of the co-workers that were waiting outside the room.

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