Lost: The Package

Posted by: David Robertson  //  April 6, 2010 @ 4:58pm

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My excuse for lateness this week (the night of) is that I moved houses.That's a pretty good excuse. So, not a lot of time, but here is what you should know:

Los Angeles Timeline: Jin and Sun are pregnant, like before (ie. other timeline) but Sun is shot somewhere in the stomach at the end and might lose the baby... This played nicely, once again, against the Island Timeline, where Jin saw his daughter for the first time via a digital camera provided by Widmore.

Jin and Sun are not married and Jin is being sent to his own death... not sure if this is the same as the real timeline (since the plane crashed) but it was kind of neat. The timeline went up to the moment that Sayid killed all those dudes and found Jin. Jin escapes and kills the Russian guy, who was at a Dharma outpost in the real timeline. Honestly, you didn't learn a whole bunch from the L.A. Timeline.

The Island Timeline, too, was kind of uneventful. Only, I will say that I felt this was very much a set-up episode. Meaning, stuff happened that kind of... started things. But nothing really happened. So, Locke came and tried to get Sun to meet Jin but she said no, bashing her head in the meantime and losing her English (though she can understand it still). Wonder if this will have any bearing on anything going forward.

Locke warned Widmore that, essentially, a war was going to start on the island. Jin was kidnapped by Widmore's people and I wonder why... but we did find out who was in the locked room on the sub. Apparently, he can stop Locke from "ending the existence of everybody on the earth". The package was DESMOND. I wonder how he is the key to everything other than he can see the future.

Richard's back on the uncrazy train, Jack's siill Jack, but I think he needs more to say or believe in than seeing his house in the mirror. He says that ALL THE TIME now, and it's kind of getting old.

I'm about tapped out, dudes. I'll try to get in tonight's recap before, oh, next Thursday.

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