Supernatural: Unity

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The end is nigh.

After seeing the signs of his return in the stars, Amara knows that Chuck is back. After arriving at the bunker, she tells Sam and Dean that the time is now. With one final ritual remaining, Jack and Dean hit the road but Sam stays behind. He won't go with Dean and is determined to find another way while Dean is willing to sacrifice Jack because he doesn't feel that he's family. Later on in a park, Chuck visits Amara and the two siblings catch up. They talk about creation, how Chuck has become bored of human and angels and how he is looking for a fresh start; all of existence starting over in a grand reset. He can't do it without her. She tries to show him how amazing his creation is but he won't accept it and Amara is left with no choice – she traps the two of them inside the bunker while they wait for the Winchesters to cage Chuck. Back on the road, Jack and Dean reach their destination for Jack's final ritual – Jim's Gems. The two of them go inside where they meet Adam, the original first human being of God's creation, and Serafina. Jack easily passes the ritual and is rewarded with one of Adam's ribs. After it's used, it will turn Jack into a cosmic supernova that will engulf all divine energy and destroy them. Meanwhile, at the bunker, Sam and Castiel are getting desperate. They search the library but nothing is getting them closer to finding a way to save Jack – until it hits them. What if they are looking in the wrong library and the answer may be in Death's library. It's a last ditch effort but Sam is racing into Death's lair to save his friend before it's too late.

Following last week's episode, Unity was a breath of fresh air. To kick things off, Unity was the first episode since the pandemic started that connected the dots of Supernatural's final season. Starting with Amara's scenes with Chuck, we finally learned that his intentions extend well beyond the Winchesters and settling his vendetta against them. His plans extend to all of reality in a complete restart now that he unable to see the joy, beauty or fragility in everything that he has created that is leading to a cosmic do over. With Dean, we saw that he has never, and likely will never, move past the death of his mother. His hate, anger and intend to destroy Chuck has consumed him. He sees killing Chuck, Amara and Jack as a way to be free from the control of the powers that have controlled his life. For Sam, he is unwilling to let another member of his family die and knows in his heart that he's doing the right thing. It was three different character driven stories that gave Unity a raw, emotional impact as they moved closer and closer to their inevitable collision.

Unity also kept us guessing all the way until the end. With the reveal that Chuck was still writing this story, the Winchesters are now in between a rock and a hard place. Chuck now has the power of the darkness and may hit the reset button at will, Sam lied to the Empty to steal Death's book, Jack has used Adam's rib and may be dying. Everything is starting to come crashing down around their heads and the Winchesters may not come out of this one alive. With three episodes left, Supernatural could go any number of ways – it could all end within the next two episodes and conclude with a epilogue of a finale or make us hold onto until the final moments. Either way, Supernatural did a great job of making the journey exciting leading up to the finale.

If anything didn't work in the episode, it was how Unity made Dean more unlikeable as the story progressed. Understandably, Dean has been able to move past Jack killing Mary in last season's Game Night. This originally came to a head in last season's finale, Moriah, when Dean almost killed Jack before realizing it was all part of Chuck's plan. Jack finally returned this season in The Gamblers and the two have had one too many car ride chats at this point. It's not unrealistic but the story feels done to death. On top of that, Dean's obsession to kill Chuck came across as completely self-serving throughout the episode and then he went too far when he attacked Sam. It's not that Dean doesn't have good points but Unity didn't take the time to make a better case for Dean. If anything, it wasn't that Sam couldn't make the hard choice but it was how much Dean wanted to make the choice to end Jack at the cost of everything.

All in all, Unity was a good episode. It was well paced, felt authentic and meaningful to longtime fans and continued the story towards the end. We'll see what happens next week when Death comes knocking in Despair.

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