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The End.

Chuck is no longer God and Jack is gone. With no one left pulling their strings, Sam and Dean Winchester are free. They live their lives and continue on, looking for the next thing until Dean spots something they need to deal with right away – a pie festival. It's a few days later when they are back on the case after a husband and wife were killed and their children taken. The husband was drained of blood and the wife's tongue was removed. The sketch artist shows them an image of a clown mask the attackers wore and Dean knows that face. He looks into John Winchester's journal and finds an old case that was never solved from the eighties but the MO is the same; these vampire killer mimes are back and they know where they will be next. After tracking a few of them down, the Winchesters leave one alive long enough to find out where the kids are being held. After a short drive, they arrive at the nest and find the kids but the vamps won't let the Winchesters go without a fight. They manage to overcome the odds but Dean is hurt. This is the last hunt for the Winchester brothers.

Heartbreaking, emotional and graceful - Carry On was the send off that fans of Supernatural didn't see coming but ended perfectly. On the heels of last week's Inherit the Earth, Supernatural could have easily ended there and fans would have loved it. Chuck was defeated and the chaos that enveloped the loves of the Winchesters was gone but the show still had one last story to tell. Ending with the same way the show began, Sam and Dean ventured onto one last hunt and it paced the episode well. They used an alias as FBI agents, tracked down the killers and easily took them down before they were lead to the vampire nest. Everything was going to plan until Dean was hurt. With no angels, witches or Jack to save him, Dean Winchester died in that barn saving the lives of two kids that were taken from their parents. It wasn't how Dean expected to go but he accepted his death and went to heaven. Bobby was there waiting for him and the Impala was just as he always remembered it as he took her out for ride. Sam's life continued without his brother and we saw him have a son, grow old and eventually pass away. In the end, the Winchesters were reunited in heaven, looking like they always had and it was perfect. I had my doubts how Supernatural would end after last week's episode and I'm still torn up about Carry On but it ended the story of Supernatural in a way that was true, tragic and emotionally uplifting for fans of show.

Without the stellar performances of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, Carry On couldn't have been the send off Supernatural needed. After playing the characters for the past fifteen years, we've seen the two stars become like brothers. When Dean was in his final moments, you could see and feel Ackles saying goodbye to Dean Winchester. Ultimately, Dean loved his brother Sam more than anything and that scene was spectacular. As he watched Dean's life fade away, Padalecki's range of emotions ran us through it. Sam watched his brother, best friend and partner die. Padalecki's grief throughout the episode and the scene in the impala, clutching the wheel as he remembered what it was like to ride beside his brother was an incredible touch. Though we only met him briefly, Sam's final moments in life with his son were awesome. Mirroring Sam's last moments with Dean was such a touching moment as he passed onto the next life and was finally back together with his brother. Supernatural would not have lasted as long as it did or been the show that it was if not for the incredible performances of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They were Sam and Dean Winchester and we were all lucky to share the journey with them.

It makes me sad and I will probably think about it for quite some time but Carry On was an amazing way for Supernatural to end. Did it need the one last cameo for the barn fight? No. But it was funny to see the character return only to immediately die seconds later after the big reveal. For a final season, it had its shares of ups and downs but that won't detract from how well the series ended and how the show has been part of us all for so long.

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