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Posted by: David A. Robertson  //  April 21, 2010 @ 11:22pm

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4 episodes to go! Right? This episode was pretty okay but definitely not even close to a favourite. To me, and this has been true of many of the recent episodes, it was a set up/get out of the way episode. Meaning, the writers are getting rid of things so they don't have to deal with them anymore (see Ilana last episode and the Black Rock) and setting up things for the finale...but I still feel there is a ways to go, don't you?

So what's it all about? The Flash Sideways was a far more compelling piece of yesterday's show than the Island Reality, I felt. The Flash Sideways, from the beginning, could have been any number of things (heaven, purgatory, "the matrix", etc, etc) but it was never clear how it was going to collide or intersect with the Island Reality. Now it seems that getting them all back together and making them aware of their Island Reality is the key. They are made aware of this either by encountering love or death...but what happens when they are all enlightened? What sort of choice do they have to make? And what impact does that choice have on the Island Reality?

Here we had:

a) Sun freak out over seeing Locke (memories!?) and then coming to in the hospital room with Jin there. The baby is okay, by the way.

b) Sayid being caught by Sawyer and Miles as the prime suspect in the restaurant murders.

c) Kate having a cute exchange with Sawyer in the police station (but I would think Sawyer has to meet Juliet somehow in order to snap back to reality, i.e. remember the island, don't you?).

d) Jack finding out that his sister is Claire (in both realities they address this) and then being called to operate on Locke (and does he remember, too?).

e) Desmond introducing Claire to a lawyer to help her with her adoption stuff and the lawyer turning out to be Ilana (nice) who is looking for her anyway.

And maybe I'm not forgetting anything...but chime in if I am. At any rate, think about what happens...do they all have to be together, in the same condition as before, in order to go back to the island (and in what form and what consequences to either version of themselves?)?

On the Island Reality, what we essentially saw was Jack go off with Locke and find out that Christian WAS him, just as he took Locke's form he took Jack's dad's form early in the series. When they return, they are met by the bio-medical-science lady who threatens Locke if they don't return Desmond. To show their capabilities they drop a missle up their butts (which you know will not do good things later on). Sayid is sent to kill Desmond (but doesn't?) and Sawyer is sent with Kate to get a boat and meet them elsewhere, but Sawyer has Jack meet up with them instead, ditching Locke, along with Hurley, Sun, the pilot, and...that's it. But Claire follows them and seems to make nice. On the boat, Sawyer and Jack have a heated exchange when Jack says it doesn't feel right to leave, that the island isn't done with them. Jack jumps off the boat and Sawyer and co. keep going. Turns out Jack was right because they are taken aggressively at gunpoint by Widmore's peeps (after a nice lil' reunion between Sun and Jin...*another storyline crossed off the list and OH Sun can speak english again...lame*). They then missile where Locke is and looks like they kill everybody but Locke and Jack. Ends with Locke telling Jack, "now you're with me".

What does that mean? Who do you trust? What are your thoughts/theories? DISCUSS!

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Slackass says...

Whats your vote on who is going to be the new guardian of the Island???? I'm going with Sawyer as the front runner, and Hurley as the darkhorse.

Apr 26, 2010 12:14am

metal2000 says...

Things are really starting to get good, especially in the Flash Sideways Universe. Everything's connecting, and I'm very excited to see where it all ends up.

I'm starting to figure out a lot of stuff, which is good, but also weird. As we get closer to the end, the show that's always been about mystery is getting more and more predictable (because the answers and relevations are coming in clearer) and it's got a bit of a different feel, now.

As for who will be the "new Jacob", I personally think it's between Jack and Hurley, though I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Sawyer end up there (especially since he's the one who most wants to get off the island right now). I think it'll depend on how they resolve the 2 realities thing -- can people who died in the Island Reality but are still alive in the Sideways Reality somehow stay alive if/when the 2 realities merge?

I don't want to make any other wild predictions for where things are gonna go at this point, because I'm truly just enjoying the ride to end off the series. I haven't actually re-watched the first season since it aired, so I'm really looking forward to (once everything's done) going back and re-watching the entire series.

Only 4 more weeks, right? But not this upcoming week -- I think it's an off week until the final push.

Apr 26, 2010 4:10am

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