American Idol Season 9: Top 7 Week

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Your very dedicated recapper is very tired and it is very late and Alicia Keys, my all-time non-favourite is here mentoring, so things may be a smidge punchy and/or short this go-round. Also: Idol Gives Back, which is sure to make me vomit with happiness. Or inspiration. Since this is "Songs of Inspiration" week. I may need some toast to get through this. And it may be rife with typos! I don't know because I can't handle a reread right now!

Pretty much I am going to ignore Ms. Keys this evening, so slim are the chances of her saying anything truly interesting.

Casey is up first with Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" (as in, thinking about tomorrow). It's kind of bad, mostly because it's so weird. The judges were bored and generally unimpressed by it.

I still don't even know what's going on with Idol Gives Back and if someone will be leaving this week. I'm so out of touch with the internet right now. There is voting, though, so unless they're pulling a fast one on us, somebody is going home tomorrow night.

Lee does "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel, and it's very nice in its Lee way, but you know, sort of boring. Which is the theme of the night. Inspiration... and boredom. However, the judges loved it because he connected to it, and Kara even calls this Lee's ~*moment*~. You know, I might agree; he got a haircut and it looks hawt. Simon calls it brilliant and current.

Tim Urban (oh, so all the eye candy is right up front, I see) is singing "Better Days" by the Goo Goo Dolls. The? Is there a "the" in Goo Goo Dolls? Tim is continuing his upward trend with his least cheesy performance yet! And on a night like this, dedicated to cheese! Fantastic. (His pitch? Less fantastic but still reasonable.) The judges' reactions are all over the place, but the overall gist is that it was ok but could have been better. As with so many things on this show!

Little Aaron is doing "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly. He seems very nervous, but he sings well. It still feels detached to me, and also I hate his jacket and he is a little bleat-y. The judges thought he put up a good fight with such a big song, with Simon bringing the backhand to the vague compliment fest.

Oh dear. Siobhan is singing "When You Believe" wearing the scariest dress I have ever seen. (Google it.) Her vocal is really nasal and actually quite awful... at best, boring. She has not been good for quite some time now, and I think she needs to go. Yes, that would leave Crystal as the only girl, but maybe the Season 9 girls should have sucked less and then there would be more of them. The judges' response is lukewarm at best, with Randy and Simon being decided un-fans. Simon, like me, hates the outfit.

Big Mike has picked "Hero," like by Chad Kroeger and what's-his-face. Interesting. I totally can't stand the performance. His enunciation is terrible and he clips every word and phrase short, plus he also does his bouncy Big Mike thing and it's all very awkward. Maybe it's too fast? So much no on this whole thing. Especially the lip lick at the end. Randy and Ellen's reviews are positive, Kara didn't dig it at all because she's on my side tonight, and Simon thinks a song about Spider-man fails at inspiring.

Crystal! "People Get Ready"! No guitar! This is UNBELIEVABLE! She is so good. She is this entire season, whether she wins or not. She's on a different plane of existence. She starts bawling at the end! She can't even sing the last line! Talk about connection, people! She also has a fancy mic stand that she brought from home! I want one! The judges love it too! Crystal explains she was crying because she's so happy that her dad is here tonight. So adorable. Everybody loves Crystal, me included.

In summation! Casey was meh, Lee was good, Tim continued to be not terrible, Little Aaron was himself but more nervous, Siobhan needs to go, Big Mike horrifies me, and Crystal is the most amazing shining gem of a human.

Someone else will have to tell you all about the Idol Gives Back spectacle, because I'm just going to tell you that someone got kicked off and it was... I don't know, because the stupid show was longer than my PVR could handle. Help me, internet!

Tim. It was Tim. The other members of the Bottom 3 were Casey and Aaron. Alicia Keys wore a terribly unflattering jumpsuit. These are the things you truly needed to know.

Next week: how are there still so many awful singers left?

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