The Office: Secretary's Day

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Since Erin made her debut on The Office late last season, not very much has been revealed about her character, except for the surface obvious. A year later, she finally gets an episode that revolves around her. In Secretary's Day, her more vulnerable and weird side is shown. She stated her necessity for trust, and has firm beliefs of what a relationship should be like. However, she has these assumptions going in, but without having stated them. During and after Michael's revelation that tended surprisingly in the inoffensive direction, Erin's outburst at the restaurant showed that part of her that has not been seen yet. On one hand, there's the Erin that is always quick to please and afraid to get hurt, and later in the episode, Erin shows the part of her that overreacts when the outside world is not congruent with her own expectations.

There was a good follow up, with Pam and Angela approaching Erin on this topic afterwards. Pam was able to reference her own past engagement with Roy, and de-stressed the unimportant past, to little effect on Erin. Angela on the other hand, engaged in some of the funniest vomiting dialogue ever said on television. At the end of the day, oddly, it was Michael that took the time to console Erin, and he did it competently and confidently.

Gabe, on the other hand, is struggling with his own confidence, authority boundaries, and respect in the workplace. Being young and lacking in experience, he was hoping for the employees of Dunder Mifflin to take him seriously, only to end up going too far. Unaware of his poor decision making abilities, and the sharp wit of some of the employees, he was made to look like an idiot by Pam, Jim, and finally by Kevin.

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