The Office: The Chump

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Since Andy made his debut on The Office, he had always taken the role of a character with an odd side to him. But with Jim and Pam not awake enough to pay much attention, and Andy remembering quite well what it was like to be cheated on in a relationship, Andy ended up being the voice of reason in this episode. Though he may have been completely right, he was very much personalizing Michael's affair, but nevertheless, Andy was able to help Michael understand the immorality of his actions.

While Michael and Andy were doing some spying at a local baseball game, Dwight and Angela sat down in the meeting room with a mediator to discuss their contract. As the mediator worked with Dwight and Angela over the number figures, he attempted to take a step back as he pointed out that the Angela was getting pretty close to agreeing on prostitution. Dwight was very much aware of what he was able to lose, but decided that his health was worth less than his property. As a way to sabotage the contract, he put himself through some of the worst pain a man can endure, in order to minimize any chances that Angela could get pregnant. As Dwight and Angela agreed on the time and place to meet, the plots crossed over quite inconveniently for Jim and Pam, as they found their sleep viciously disrupted. This continues the running joke of Jim and Pam unintentionally finding their co-workers having sex; the first time being Phyllis and Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration) at a restaurant.

The other running joke that continued, was that of Michael ruining Meredith's birthday again. Whenever Michael is feeling opposed, he has this overcompensating tendency to react in such a way that puts off everybody around him. In this episode, the one exception was Ryan, as he was impressed by Michael's complete lack of regard for anybody. As Ryan attempted to be like Michael, and found that there were consequences for being like Michael, he discovered just how huge of a difference there was between the two of them.

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