The Big Bang Theory: The Lunar Excitation

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Both Penny and Leonard are feeling the effects of having broken up with each other. To Leonard's surprise, Penny was with a date, as he knocked on her apartment door. Not surprisingly, her date differed quite a bit from Leonard. As a non-genius, he perceived the laser as a weapon and not as a scientific instrument, leading to the clueless dialogue that took place. But what was not said, but conveyed, was the silent look on Penny's face, as her date had to be convinced that the moon would not be destroyed, as the laser was only on "stun mode".

This ultimately led to Penny coming to Leonard's apartment late at night, drunk, wanting sex, and conceding that she was having trouble dating idiots, as she now views intelligence as a pre-requisite for a meaningful relationship. Leonard, on the other hand, would simply want nothing more than to just get back with Penny. However, by simply mirroring Penny's actions, he found himself without the same result.

Meanwhile, Howard and Raj were having a bit too much fun with an on-line dating service at the expense of Sheldon. Raj, cleverly realizing Sheldon's severe dislike for dirty socks, resorted to blackmailing him to go along with the set-up. The scenes involving the on-line dating helped build the suspense, leaving viewers wondering what woman would be a perfect match for Sheldon. This question was answered, at the scene in the coffee house, as Sheldon was introduced to a distaff version of himself, Amy, played by Mayim Bialik.

And that ends the third season of The Big Bang Theory. The relationship between Penny and Leonard may not be moving forward, but there seems to be something potentially happening between Sheldon and Amy that may lead somewhere next season.

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crimson says...

We need a new writer here at SBM to cover The Big Bang Theory, as I was only subbing in until the season ended.

I would love to see Hutch write the recaps!

May 28, 2010 12:31am

metal2000 says...

Ha ha ha!

May 28, 2010 7:04am

crimson says...

You know it'll be good!

May 29, 2010 9:01pm

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