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With Clark starting to learn how to fly, the season's big villain being showcased, and Smallville's favourite cousin (Kara Kent) returning to town, "Supergirl" had all the makings of a great episode. Nope, not even close.

Laura Vandervoot's Kara returns to Earth to take Clark's place as it's saviour against Darkseid, the newest DC heavyweight to come to Smallville. Darkseid, so far, hasn't taken the physical form like in the comics yet; rather he can only possess weak hearted individuals, like in this episode an anti-super-hero pirate radio personality. Soon after being possessed this radio personality starts to convince the public to turn on the Blur and the other costumed heroes. With Clark being disowned by his phantom voice father, Jor-El sends Kara to take care of this new evil before it gets Clark because he doubts his son's true heart. So since a possessed yellow sun supercharged kryptonian might be a bad thing Kara goes public with her powers in hopes to defeat Darkseid before he can turn people against their heroes.

Sounds good right? Wrong. This episode doesn't have a leg to stand on and probably never should have aired if this was going to be its final form. All of the CGI effects are just horrible simply because of the fact that every effect from the first season is ten times better. The writing looks like it was written the night before shooting and no one looked it over. The only episode, which I can remember to have a worse script then this episode was, last year's Banshee bed and breakfast, "Escape". Maybe it's because my expectations for Supergirl's coming out party were a little higher, but this episode is just terrible and is an insult to the fans. I don't want to go into all the details that make this such a bad episode because it just not worth my time or yours.

Should this episode get a pass because all of the producers were probably focusing on the next episode, Smallville's 200th? Maybe, but even looking back at episode 99 ("Lockdown"), it was still a solid story with much better acting and action to build up their 100th episode event. "Lockdown" had pretty much no special effects, just a strong story, simply because the show runners were using a lot of that episode's budget to add to their 100th one, enabling them to go all out for the milestone episode. I'm really hoping that's the case here for the next episode because after "Supergirl" it's going to take one hell of an episode to put this season back on track.

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crimson says...

So the show's been around for ten years, and Clark's just learning how to fly?!?!?

Oct 14, 2010 6:40pm

Andrew Burns says...

Ya the shows creators gave themselves two rules when they started Smallville: no flights and no tights. They figured when Clark finally puts on the suit and starts to fly the series would end because it would then be about Superman not Clark Kent. It makes some sense but like you said it has been ten years and its about gd time.

Oct 14, 2010 11:07pm

devidsmith says...

It's my favorite series for all the time.

Mar 4, 2011 4:27am

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