The Vampire Diaries: Plan B

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While the Salvatore brothers may deny her, Catherine Pierce proves it is only a matter of time before she gets her way.

At yet another event at the Lockwood household, Stefan and Elena continue the hoax that their relationship is on the rocks while Jeremy has information that may finally give the Salvatores the edge they need against Catherine. Jeremy informs Damon how Mason Lockwood is after the moonstone to break the werewolf curse, leading to Stefan to stranded in a pool of vervain and Mason chained to a chair at the mercy of Damon. Just when it appears the dust has settled, Catherine shows Elena that while she may have the moonstone, it comes with a price.

Overall, "Plan B" was a strong episode which is usually the case whenever Catherine Pierce enters the fray. What this episode has done successfully was further reinforce the idea that Catherine is not only a formidable villain for the Salvatore brothers but that she may be too much for them. Since her return to Mystic Falls, Catherine's motives have been shrouded in mystery and her actions seem to manipulate Stefan and Damon like pieces on a chess board. Even after Damon kills Mason Lockwood, Catherine already has another plan in motion to replace her lost werewolf which may spell the end for a Mystic Falls resident.

Another strong element was the great performance by Ian Somerhalder. His portrayal of Damon as of late has been very reserved compared to Stefan but in his scene with Taylor Kinney, the fangs came out. Damon's brutality and lack of remorse during his interrogation/torture of Mason Lockwood is exactly what he needed to bring him out of his brooding slump. His mean streak was missed after he was turned down by just about every girl in Mystic Falls this season and it was about time he snapped out of it. After Elena breaks up with Stefan we quickly see the other side of the coin in Damon as he is powerless to take her pain away. Displaying emotions on opposite ends of the spectrum and still being a likeable character after literally ripping Mason's heart out is quite impressive. Speaking of Mason, it's unfortunate that his character was killed off so soon in the season as Taylor Kinney's reserved portrayal was a welcome addition to the show. The relationship he developed with Tyler felt genuine in a show that can be weighed down by all of its characters. Whether or not we have seen the last of Mason Lockwood has yet to be seen. (Zombie werewolves...?)

"Plan B" was a good episode but setting up another confrontation with Catherine in next week's "Masquerade" isn't a surprise as how Catherine continually pushes the Salvatores to take greater measures each week is enjoyable enough. Will the Salvatores finally put an end to Catherine or does she have a "plan c"? As long as the each episode is this good, I can't wait to find out.

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