The Vampire Diaries: Katerina

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A trip down memory lane reveals more of Katherine's history while Elena and Stefan realize that being free does not mean you're safe.

Feeling helpless even with three vampires and a witch are willing to protect her, Elena decides to take matters into her own hands to get the answers she needs from Katherine. The result is a number of flashbacks which not only shed new light into Katherine's past, but also onto Rose, Trevor and Elijah. Meanwhile, Jeremy day's is not quite as hectic while he spends the afternoon with Bonnie and the new Mystic Falls resident, Luker. Elsewhere, Damon and Rose enlist the help of her friend Slater help to track down The Originals while the not so dead Elijah watches and listens to their every word waiting for his moment to strike.

Though it was a solid episode, "Katerina" did not measure up to the standards set by previous episodes. Noticeably slower than preceding instalment, this week's show took the slow, methodical approach which took major strides in setting up future story arcs for the rest of the season. Unfortunately for "Katerina", its slow pace and lack of action drag its potential down. In taking the slower approach, this episode just felt like the plot was going through the motions rather than charging full steam ahead which feels strange compared to the usual speed and tone The Vampire Diaries has established thus far.

Though Catherine's return is always welcome, it isn't necessary to have a mention of her or a brief scene every few episodes. It's great to know the show acknowledges a character after their departure but Katherine trapped inside of the cursed tomb feels like a Katherine without fangs. Luckily Katherine let slip a few important details about the true goal of The Originals while we get more insight into her past. Nina Dobrev playing two characters in the same episode is becoming quite common and at this point it would be better to take a break from Katherine for a while before bringing her back. Rather than diminish Katherine's presence this would only make it that much more significant for her eventual release from the tomb. Whether she comes out as a friend or foe is anyone's guess.

While it was a long build to see Elijah make his move on Damon and Rose, he definitely made an impact. Characters are often determined by what lengths they will go in order to achieve their goals yet something almost always holds them back; Elijah has no such limit. His complete lack of regard for anything that gets in his way (including other vampires) is quite frightening. Elijah views everyone simply as a means to an end for The Originals and Claus, crafting him as a cerebral killer as well as a vicious animal who will undoubtedly give the Salvatores grief in the future.

Where direction the story will take with Luker is anyone's guess, but there is one thing The Vampire Diaries should know – Bonnie is boring. The only time her character becomes interesting is when there is a distraction around her such as her spell casting or her interactions with Stefan, Elena or especially Damon. Bonnie cannot hold my attention long enough because while every character around her becomes more involved in the plot, she pulls away. While it does offer a different perspective for a character that wants to retain some sense of normalcy, she is removed from her own story and my attention in the process.

This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries did a great job of establishing future plots but failed to set up a story for itself. Elena having another discussion with Katherine while Caroline distracts Stefan effectively takes two characters out of the show while we are left with Bonnie. Hopefully the investment pays off in the future when The Vampire Diaries returns in December.

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