The Big Bang Theory: The Bus Pants Utilization

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In Sheldon's mind, he believes that everything he says is perfectly acceptable, because he has deduced that it is right. He perceives himself as relying on his intelligence to be objective, however, his social incompetence makes him out of sync with the rest of the world. Even to those that have gotten to know Sheldon, they are often pushed to the point of having no empathy for him, leading to them not wanting anything to do with him. When such is the case, Sheldon's own points of view are further reinforced, where he continues to believe that it is the rest of the world, and not him, that is in the wrong.

The foreshadow to this episode's main plot came as Sheldon had some harsh words for Penny about her life trajectory and minimal qualifications. Though he may not have seen these words as inappropriate, everybody else, especially Penny found them hurtful. In response, Penny decided that it was time for her to leave.

Sheldon would eventually shoot himself in the foot with the handwriting recognition app project. Unable to understand the significance of social hierarchy, and the necessity for modesty and kindness towards others, Sheldon was not only given the boot from the project, but also from his own apartment. His attempts to usurp, poach, and distract ended up being futile, yet in defeat, he never reached a social consciousness awakening. In contrast, Penny being Sheldon's opposite when it came to academic intellect and social ability, she convinced him to offer a false apology just to get rid of him from her apartment. Her solution ended up working, but Sheldon's inability to understand the significance of a false apology did nothing to fix any longer term problems of himself. By the end of the episode, Sheldon was paired up with Penny in creating a shoe identification app, leaving the events in between the time of the false apology and the new app deliberately untold and provoking the imagination of the viewers.

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