The Office: Ultimatum

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How To Communicate Like Michael Scott:

#1 - Prepare for both the good news, and the bad news. This means recording a video of yourself, and making a happy and a sad box that will be filled by your receptionist.

#2 - Whatever you do, do not bluntly get to the point.

#3 - Beat around the bush by making (un)funny voices.

#4 - Get everybody in the office involved.

#5 - Send your employees to find the information for you.

#6 - Resort to calling a meeting in the conference room, to insultingly drive a point home without actually saying it. It is imperative that an ugly scene, involving force feeding a vegetable takes place.

#7 - Call the person you are unable to speak to into an apology meeting, but continue to beat the dead horse.

#8 - When you are finally able to bring yourself to discuss the relevant topic with that person, slowly extend your finger towards her, as if you are re-enacting the famous scene from E.T.

By following these eight easy rules, you are bound to be as effective in communication skills as Michael Scott.

"Do you like to do it yourself?"

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