The Vampire Diaries: Crying Wolf

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After the werewolves learn Mason Lockwood was searching for the moonstone, they set a plan in motion to not only obtain the moonstone but to break the curse and destroy the vampires forever.

Though it may seem like old hat, it's the werewolves turn to try and break the ancient curse. Not only do they need the moonstone but also the doppelganger, who Tyler has luckily known his entire life, Elena Gilbert. After the stressful return of her father, Stefan takes Elena to the lake house for a relaxing weekend only to end up attacked with a tragic surprise. Back in Mystic Falls, Damon is taken captive and feels what Mason Lockwood went through in the last moments of his life: strapped to a chair and tortured for information until he gives in or dies. Luckily for Damon, Elijah proves that there are perks to being an Original and saves Damon for the third time, leaving Jules and Tyler out of allies and leaving town as the episode comes to a close.

The Vampire Diaries keeps the streak alive and delivers another strong episode. For the entire season, the curse affecting both the werewolves and vampires has been referenced numerous times but never fully explained. By revealing who will get the benefit of the curse (werewolf or vampire) the show has raised the stakes. Tyler and Jules leaving Mystic Falls is obviously a temporary stint but I am curious who they will bring back with them when they finally return. Will it just be Tyler or will the two of them return with another army of werewolves to prevent Claus from breaking the curse for the vampires?

A weak aspect of the episode was definitely the scene with Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline and Luka. Although I have warmed up to Caroline in recent episodes, I can't say the same for Bonnie and Jeremy for good reason. Even after they went through the entire plan of abducting Luka and extracting the information from him, they still hit a dead end. Everyone already knew the curse involved sacrificing Elena so where does that get them? It feels like the show struggles to find a place for Bonnie and Jeremy, so naturally they place them in a romantic relationship with one another to combine what little story they have. It's especially worse when Tyler Lockwood leaves town when it would have been more of a relief if these two had left instead (at least for a while).

Overall, "Crying Wolf" was a great episode that continued to set up for the rest of the season. I am left wondering what is left to set up for the rest of season before Claus and the rest of The Originals make their grand entrance to Mystic Falls. Elijah isn't the only Original but how is it the others are not suspicious of all the time he is spending in Mystic Falls. I don't expect to get all of the answers at once but maybe some of them will be answered in next week's "The Dinner Party".

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