The Big Bang Theory: The Prestidigitation Approximation

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Sheldon's biggest dilemma with being a genius is his inability to accept the possibility that he does not have the answer to any given question. Worse yet, is when he is out-smarted not only by a magic trick, but also by Penny and the lowly master in engineering. Because not being able to deduce the magic trick would also be synonymous with intellectual inferiority, Sheldon was left with no option but to obsessively try and reverse engineer the magic trick. His desperate means not only yielded no meaningful answers, but also led him down the road of pathetic dishonesty, as he resorted to bar code scanning the cards and hacking into the government computers. Everybody else noticed this quirk in Sheldon, and used it against him for their own amusement.

Sheldon was not the only one having difficulties. As Leonard was going through some changes, such as using contact lenses and dressing differently, he was given a task to do by Priya. This came after Priya noticed that Penny was still spending time inside Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, resulting in Priya asking Leonard to cut the cord in order to move on. This was not easy for Leonard. In fact, it was not even possible, as it had to be Penny to say the words that he was asked to say. It was an emotional moment, as he saw Penny walk out. But before Leonard could add anything beyond "Penny, wait," his blurred vision as a result of his makeover by Priya caused him to clusily crash into the door.

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