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In this week's episode "Klaus", a trip down memory lane with Elijah reveals that what Elena knows about the first vampire is just the beginning.

Determined to take matters into her own hands, Elena made the choice to remove the dagger from Elijah and pull him back into the world of the living (as much as possible for a vampire anyways). While neither of the Salvatore brothers is thrilled about her decision, Stefan respects her wishes and trusts her while Damon is more than reluctant to cut her some slack. During her time with Elijah, Elena finally gets some long sought after answers to the Aztec sun and moon curse; namely that the entire thing has been a fabrication of Klaus and Elijah to get both the vampires and the werewolves to find the doppelganger. Unfortunately, there is still a curse and its consequences for the vampires and the werewolves are worse than Elena could have ever imagined.

Without a doubt, "Klaus" was a great episode from The Vampire Diaries. Whereas last week's "The Last Dance" felt like too much story in too little time, "Klaus" was deliberately paced and brought out the best in some of the characters. Also, as the episode didn't waste any time with Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline or Matt, the show was entirely focused on its core story and didn't feel like it was every blowing by any of the big moments.

Though the series has never been one to shy away from flashbacks, the scenes between Katherine, Elijah and Klaus were heartfelt and the reveal that the two of them are brothers was a natural progression. The parallels between Elijah and Klaus to the Salvatores were obvious but if history can repeat itself with a doppelganger, why can't the relationship with the men around her be born again as well?

Speaking of Stefan and Damon, their relationship has always been on shaky ground and that was more apparent than ever this week. Each had their own reaction to Elena taking matters into her own hands with Elijah but Damon's mistrust only pulls the two further apart. When Stefan finally told Damon that Elena will never respect him, it was the final straw and how this will eventually play out is quite exciting.

While we have mostly seen Elijah as the badass Original vampire, "Klaus" has added a lot of depth to his character. In previous episodes we have seen Elijah damage buildings with a handful of quarters, kill half a dozen werewolves without blinking and die and resurrect (twice!). This week's episode changed all of that as we were shown a side of Elijah has loved, lost and was betrayed. I have to give praise to Daniel Gillies for giving a fantastic performance as Elijah over the course of the season and can't wait for his inevitable clash with his brother Klaus in their immortal battle.

All in all, "Klaus" give fans of The Vampire Diaries a lot to look forward to in the tail end of the season. The fabrication of the sun and moon curse and Klaus's true nature were truly unexpected, proving to fans that we never know just what to expect from The Vampire Diaries. Hopefully the show will keep the pace up with next week's "The Last Day".

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