The Vampire Diaries: The Last Day

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After waiting hundreds of years, Klaus's moment has finally arrived. But with time running, will Damon follow Elijah's plan will he jeopardize everything to save Elena.

Now that he has returned to his own body, Klaus has a message for Elena and the Salvatores: the sacrifice happens tonight. With time running out, Elijah's plan will allow Elena to be sacrificed and be resurrected with a five century old potion. Never one to sit back and watch the show, Damon takes matters into his own hands; first by forcing Elena to drink his blood and then attempting to sabotage Klaus's ritual. After he gets an emergency call from his mother, Tyler Lockwood returns home to Mystic Falls and has a quick chat with Caroline right before the two of them are taken down by Klaus's warlock. Even with Damon's meddling, when you live long enough to create your own create your own prophecies and curses, having a backup plan is just second nature for Klaus whose ritual will continue no matter what the cost.

With only a few of episodes remaining this season, The Vampire Diaries is clearly not holding back with yet another fantastic episode. "The Last Day" gave us much needed insight into what Elena has been feeling for a while now: bravery, reluctance and even fear. Elena's will to do the right thing and involvement with supernatural forces makes us forget from time to time that she is just a high school girl who is about to start her life rather than an adult who has experienced what life has to offer. When Elena iterates to Stefan that she is just a girl and doesn't even know if she will spend her life with him, it just felt real, like an emotion that everyone can relate to. Nina Dobrev portrayal of Katherine is usually far superior but in this episode, Elena was standing tall on her own.

Though there has been quite a lot of hype surrounding Klaus, Joseph Morgan did not disappoint. Morgan's depiction of Klaus was playful, charming and lethal. At any moment it felt as if Klaus would tear someone's head off should someone cross him and it was good that he dispatched Damon without any effort. It would have been pointless to show the two of them fight because the outcome could have not gone any other way; Klaus is too powerful and Damon's fate may already be sealed.

While no one else dared to challenge Klaus, Damon's reckless nature got the best of him once again. It may be because he acts before he thinks, but Damon will use any means necessary to save Elena's life. Watching Damon do the wrong things with the right intentions is tragic, he's a character on a path of self destruction but you can't take your eyes off of him for a second.

There are only two episodes left in season two for The Vampire Diaries and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Is Damon's time finally running out, will Klaus's ritual be completed? Maybe we'll see in next week's "The Sun Also Rises".

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