The Vampire Diaries: 1912

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It was one hundred years ago when a councillor was murdered in Mystic Falls but after a century of time, history may be repeating itself and Alaric may be at the centre of it.

After waking up alive and in prison, Alaric is questioned by Sheriff Liz who suspects he may have something to do with the latest string of murders. Dr. Fell has been giving Sheriff Liz information that implicates Alaric as the murderer and when Damon offers to help his best friend, Sheriff Liz tells him to back off. Unwilling to stay out of it, Damon goes to Stefan for answers who thinks the murderer may be a vampire named Sage from the year nineteen twelve. Sage showed Damon he could take pleasure in being a vampire and in turn, Damon tried to give Stefan the same gift but that didn't quite go the way he intended. Back in the present, Damon is trying to help his brother gain control over his thirst for blood but when Elena witnesses his actions, he's sent back into brooding mode. It's then that Dr. Fell helps Alaric realize he may no longer be the person he thought he was.

After its latest hiatus, The Vampire Diaries returns with a mediocre episode in 1912. The biggest problem with 1912 was how slowly the story progressed as nothing truly happened during the hour. Everything essentially came down to Stefan having a craving for blood while they barely scratched the surface of Alaric going all Jekyll and Hyde now that his ring doesn't have the juice that it used to. It's disappointing that a show known for telling excellent stories doesn't have the bite that it used to.

Speaking of bite, where was Klaus? Do you remember when the first vampire actually used to be scary? Last season he was a force of nature whereas now he is the guy that romances Caroline and sketches horses. Rebekah was just window dressing to be blown off by Damon at his whim and this has taken the power away from the originals.

As mentioned earlier, Alaric's story should have been at the centre of 1912 but it was dropped to the wayside in order to stretch the story out further. Alaric (played by Matthew Davis) is actually one of the best characters on the show; he's a vampire hunter that is close with Elena and best friends with Damon yet we never see him killing vampires anymore. Beyond the drinking and the moping, the character could use the serial killer excitement. The drawback of this story is that it is based around the use of his ring and The Vampire Diaries has used mystical jewellery to death by now (Stefan and Damon's rings, Jeremy and Alaric's rings, Elena's necklace, Caroline's necklace, the moonstone, etc). The story needs to be kept fresh somehow and while Alaric's bad side is new, a tainted ring is stale.

While it was a good concept, 1912 suffered from poor execution and a thin story. Hopefully next week's Break on Through will bring some excitement back into The Vampire Diaries.

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