The Vampire Diaries: Break on Through

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After Klaus killed his father, it seemed as though all hope of destroying the originals was lost but when an old friend from Damon's past returns, that may no longer be the case.

Still wanting to disprove the notion he could be the serial killer, Alaric undergoes the latest battery of tests from Dr. Fell. After he receives a clean bill of health, Elena hopes that since a Bennett witch had originally made the rings that he and Jeremy wear maybe Bonnie could do something to help before it's too late. Speaking of Bonnie, her mother Abbie's transition into full fledged vampire has been less that smooth sailing. Abbie no longer has the connection to the earth now that she isn't a witch and also tries to take a bite out of her foster son but then again, Caroline is the one that is helping her transition so that is to be expected. Meanwhile, Damon's attempt to crack Rebekah's diamond exterior is finally making progress with Sage's help but Sage's love for Finn is not the surprise Damon was expecting.

Though it was entertaining, Break on Through's convoluted plot wasn't the success The Vampire Diaries may have been hoping for. Between Alaric's dark side, Stefan's insatiable lust for blood, Sage and Damon, Damon, Sage and Rebecca and Bonnie and her family problems, it's a bit much at times. While this tends to be a persistent issue with such a large cast, it would make more sense if the characters weren't spread out as much as they are. It makes the show feel less cohesive when new characters like Dr. Fell, Jamie (Abbie's son) and Sage are completely separated from one another since each of them only pertains to one or two main characters.

On the topic of new characters, Sage (Played by Cassidy Freeman) may turn out to be one of the most polarizing characters the show has ever had. On the one hand, Sage is charismatic and she compliments Damon perfectly. On the other hand, Sage is also one of the most sexist characters I can think of in recent memory that isn't on Mad Men. Sage said "Rebekah may be an original but she is a girl. You find her weakness and exploit it and I'll walk right in." As it turns out, Rebekah's self esteem couldn't get any lower and Damon only has to hit on her to get his way. Later on in the episode, Sage is heartbroken by the news that Finn doesn't love her as much as she loves him more than the fact that he wants to end his own life. Sage loving someone for a thousand years isn't disturbing but it was quite amazing how her perceptions of women and sense of self worth haven't evolved over the centuries.

Another small, insignificant question that I was wondering – why does Damon even want to kill the originals? After Klaus killed his father and he stopped creating more hybrids/useless creatures, are they even a threat anymore? The do seem to like sarcastically arguing with Stefan and Damon but for the most part, Damon just sleeps with Rebekah whenever it pleases him. While the originals appear more than content to simply exist at the moment, Damon spends all of his waking hours plotting to kill them. Whatever happens in rest of the season, the writing needs to re-establish them as actual antagonists in the story and better yet, give us a reason to root against them.

Another week and another middling episode from The Vampire Diaries. For a show that has been incredibly exciting in the past, they may have burned through too much story too soon but next week is another opportunity to prove me wrong in Murder of One.

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