Girls: Welcome to Bushwick (aka The Crackcident)

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"This happened in two weeks?"

Girls returned to its regular New York setting this week, now that Hannah had come back from Michigan. This episode took place at a warehouse party that Marnie's ex-boyfriend's band was performing at.

It took Marnie very little time to get in a foul mood, as she found out that Charlie had moved on from her in a span of two weeks. She spent the rest of the episode in complete misery because of this.

Shoshanna decided to experiment with drugs. Only problem was, she had absolutely no knowledge of illegal substances, and accidentally did crack. Starting with this image here, she spent the rest of the episode being super hyper, and out-running her crack spirit guide babysitter.

Jessa unknowingly texted her boss to come out to the warehouse party. She then recklessly tossed a bottle and then deliberately spat on the people below her. This caused the two men she offended to beat up her boss. The rest of Jessa's evening was spent in the hospital with her boss.

Save the best for last...

For the first time, Hannah saw her idiot ex-boyfriend, Adam, outside of his home, and wearing a shirt. She tried to sneak in to take a closer look, but he caught her. As the night progressed, she would learn things about him from other people, like how he reads for a hobby, that he wants to sail a boat, or that he is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

So the two of them left the party together.

Now this is super romantic. He even gave her a ride on the handlebars of his bicycle.

Every twenty -four year old woman's dream.

Hannah felt scared from riding the bike, so she told him to stop. But because Adam did not understand the concept of gradually slowing down to a stop, Hannah flew off the handlebars and landed on the pavement. Hannah then got upset at Adam for not sharing parts of his life with her.

Adam then got mad at Hannah for not asking. Before things could get worse, Adam asked Hannah if she wanted him to be her boyfriend.

The image here should answer that question.

In the end, a night that should have been fun turned miserable. At least Hannah got a little bit of insight about herself from her exchange with Adam. But apparently, she did not learn enough to not get back together with him.

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