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The fifth and final season of Breaking Bad starts on Sunday, July 15. Here is a look back at the top five most memorable moments of the fourth season of Breaking Bad, as a reminder of where the show left off.

#5 - Victor's execution

After screwing up enough times, both Walter and Jesse were held in captivity at the super lab until Gus would arrive. When Gus got there, he slowly and calmly walked in, and changed into some chemical resistant gear. While Gus kept completely quiet, Walter was so horrified, that he tried to weasel his way out through recrimination, pleading, and in emphaisizing his own importance to the business. For Walter, he thought he could still find a way out of this. As for Jesse, he had already accepted his fate.

It turned out that killing Gale had worked, and that Walter and Jesse were not expendable. But Victor was expendable, and had his throat slit for getting seen at the crime scene. The execution was enough to scare off both Walter and Jesse, and even startle Mike.

All this time, not a word came out of Gus, leaving the blood to sound as loud as thunder as it dripped to the ground. A message had indeed been sent. When Gus got back into his regular clothes, he said, "Well? Get back to work."

#4 - Flashback

The fourth season of Breaking Bad really started to get going with "Hermanos." In this backstory episode, Gus' past was revealed. It explained just about everything from how he got started in the meth business, all the way to why he continued to torture Hector. All the dots were connected, including the phenomenal answers Gus gave at the DEA interrogation, his hatred of the Mexican cartel, and his cautious nature in doing business.

In the flashback scene, Gus and his chemistry chef partner, Max, had arranged for a meeting with the Mexican cartel to discuss the possibility of doing business together. Despite Gus having an excellent business plan, the cartel reacted by gunning Max down.

The cartel interpreted Gus' attempt at getting a meeting with them as arrogant and manipulative, so they pinned Gus down, and made him look at his dead partner.

What made this scene so memorable, was the expression on Gus' face. Giancarlo Esposito played this part perfectly. He showed a side of Gus that was never seen before, and made this moment so much more emotional and pivotal in how Gus became the way he is.

#3 - Salud!

In what looked like a forced business agreement that would hold Jesse hostage by the Mexican drug cartel, turned into a victory by Gus.

Being prepared paid off for Gus, as he pulled an incredible deception on the Cartel. He fooled everybody by being the first to pull the trigger on himself, and in also pretending to look out for the Cartel's interest by saying that Jesse could not have a drink due to his addiction.

As Gus returned from throwing up the poisoned alcohol, the members of the cartel all fell dead. Gus came out just in time for the Don to collapse, making Gus the last person he would see.

With everybody either dead or fleeing, Gus still found the strength in him to give a vindictive speech to declare his victory. This moment continued to prove that Gus is a formidable antagonist, that would go to any distance to achieve victory over his enemies.

#2 - The calm before the storm

For an old man that is confined to a wheelchair and limited to tapping a bell to communicate, Hector is surprisingly interesting to watch and pivotal to the storyline. His bell ringing has proven to be both suspenseful, and effective in deliverying dark comedy.

Hector had made the request to speak to the DEA, and was hellbent on wanting Hank to be present. At the time, Hank was heavily guarded, as (per Walter's request) Saul called to inform the DEA that the Cartel was after Hank. As Hank was obssessed with finding out what was happening, he took the risk of coming down to the DEA office.

Hank and the rest of the DEA would be severely disappointed, as Hector had nothing of value to contribute. Hector had his nurse spell out some juvenile insults at Hank, and thereby wasted everybody's time.

Little did Hank and everybody know, they were being played by both Walter and Hector, as Hector going to DEA was meant to capture Gus' attention. The incident that would lead to the most inexplicable explosion all took place under the nose of the DEA.

#1 - It's a trap!

Tyrus had a point, when he suggested to Gus that he should be the one to execute Hector. But because of the two decades of intense animosity, Gus was adamant that he should be the one to do it. This would prove to be a fatal mistake.

In underestimating both Hector and Walter, Gus opened himself up to attack by coming down to give Hector a lethal injection. This here is the look of a man who is about to kill the man who shot his best friend to death.

Here is the look of a man with only revenge to live for. He is about to give it all up to kill the man who is responsible for murdering his friends and family.

It would turn out that Walter would not just throw away the bomb he built last episode. He saved it for Hector, and hooked it up to the bell on his wheelchair. With nothing left to live for, Hector rang the bell to detonate the bomb.

In a rare case of style over substance, Gus walked out of the room after the explosion. With half his face blown off, he fixed his tie, and then proceeded to drop dead.

With Gus now out of the way, that leaves the question of what Walter's next move will be. If the season five promotional poster has anything to say, it is that Walter will continue to feed his criminal addiction of greed. This last season will see Hank finding out Walter's secret, and the eventual confrontation of the two men.

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