The Vampire Diaries: Into the Wild

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As the hunt for the vampire cure continues, everyone follows the lead of Atticus Shane but with the shadow of Silas looming, can the professor be trusted?

After arriving on a remote island two hundred miles off the coast of Nova Scotia, Atticus Shane leads almost the entire cast towards the Silas and the cure. Tension is especially high as Stefan and Rebekah are at odds with Damon and Elena while each of them not only thinks about their pasts with one another but whether or not they will take the cure and become human again. In their travels they find a number of traps that have been set to keep any curious travelers away and a few of them get the impression that they aren't alone on the island. After finding an abandoned campsite they decide to take shelter for the night but Damon has questions for Shane after Jeremy is taken in the night. Shane reveals that his dead wife gave him all of his instructions when he was on the island a year ago and that raising Silas requires three large sacrifices. Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler taunts a mystically caged Klaus but the fun and games quickly end when Caroline shows up and Klaus bites her, infecting her with the werewolf poison. Back on the island, Damon figures it out that the Pastor and council were the first sacrifice and the hybrids were the second, leaving one more sacrifice that needs to be performed. Just before Damon kills Shane, Elena stops him and confronts him about his actions and his fears of her becoming human again. Meanwhile, Bonnie has also gone missing while she searching for Jeremy and Shane has gone after her; meaning that he has the hunter, witch, tombstone and is the only one that knows where the cure is. What seemed like such a simple hike has turned out to be another trap by Professor Atticus Shane.

While Into the Wild should have been another step up after last week, it was really more of a miss. After showing how Damon didn't trust Professor Shane and even after he had exposed himself to the Mayor, Sheriff Forbes and Bonnie he still managed to fool them all again. The bad part about that is how The Vampire Diaries expects that to be a surprise when it was already spelled out. Even still, nothing happened this week that could not have been cut down and made into the first half of another episode. We didn't learn anything monumental about Silas and Damon is still afraid of being rejected by Elena. Pretty dull when you think about it.

Even though Stefan had talked about the cure with Rebekah last week, it was only this week when he, Elena and Damon actually decided if they would take it or not. When she was still with Stefan, Elena wanted the cure to be the girl he loved but now she wants to spend the rest of her life with Damon. On the other hand, Damon is still unsure if Elena will love him after she is cured and pushes her away when she tries to tell him otherwise. Lastly, seeing the reality that Elena may continue to love Stefan, Stefan has decided to take the cure but for himself and not Elena. If that sounds confusing and forced it's because it is. There is so much going on right now that their love triangle shouldn't always be a focal point of the story. The writers of The Vampire Diaries needs to focus on its central story to create a more balanced feel to the show as the plot ramps up.

It may have been a tender moment to some but yet again, Klaus appears weaker than ever. After mercilessly attacking Caroline and leaving her to die, Tyler's plan hinged to save her hinged on Klaus having a heart. When Klaus first appeared Katherine was terrified and left town but he's really a lonely vampire that needs friends; he can't help the fact that's he's currently the most powerful character in the series that used to be a villain. Knowing that there is a planned Klaus spinoff also removes any danger of anyone killing him as well.

At this point it's becoming more and more obvious that Silas will be freed from his crypt before the season is over. We'll see how much closer Shane gets to unearthing Silas in next week's Down the Rabbit Hole.

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